Vegan Black Metal Chef – Chipotle Crimson Hell

The Vegan Black Metal Chef has two recipes in this episode, Chipotle Crimson Hell!  We haven’t visited this master of the dark culinary arts in awhile and he’s been busy.  VBMC has a new cookbook that is about to hit  shelves and we can’t wait to see it!   In the meantime, get yourself a can of chipotle peppers and make some seitan fajitas and chipotle spiced chili!

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DC Lynx Vulc X Ben Davis

DC shoes vegan colorway canvas Lynx Vulc x Ben DavisThe DC Lynx Vulc X Ben Davis is a vegan colorway wit ha double dose of 90’s nostalgia! DC brought back the Lynx shoe last year. Unlike 1996 it comes in a vulcanized sole and many canvas colorways.  This collab shoe also brings the logo of Ben Davis, the blue collar workwear pants, to the tongue and lining.

DC shoes vegan colorway canvas Lynx Vulc x Ben DavisThe Lynx Vulc comes in an all black canvas upper with a two piece toe-cap and double stitching that is reminiscent to its namesake.  The eyelets and rope style laces are the missing-link to the 20 years old skate shoe.  Then there is the Ben Davis Gorilla!  A lot of people wore Dickies in the 90’s, but that sweet Gorilla holds a special place in 90’s skate culture.  These shoes may be canvas, but wit ha little Shoe-Goo, I’m sure they’re plenty tough.

DC size 4-14 $60.00

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Vegetable Shredder – Tomás Varela

vegan skateboarder veggie vegetable-shredderNAME: Tomás Varela

LOCATION: Pamplona, Spain.


vegetable-shredder vegan skateboarderWhere do you like skating? I love the Del Mar Skatehouse, in Logroño and the Ripagaina Bowl, in Pamplona. I like the spots in my city too but I want to travel and discover new places around the world.

vegetable-shredder vegan skateboarderWhy did you go Veg? One day I just started researching info in the internet and realized that I could live without meat. I changed my food habits and now I feel really good. I’m the only Veg in my home, so I learned to cook too :)

vegetable-shredder vegan skateboarderWhat is your favorite thing to skate and why? I love to skate bowls and mini-ramps. I love street spots too, specially stairs, gaps, and I like to be creative and skate rare spots.

What shoe are you skating in now? Some Nike’s that a friend borrowed me. Now I discovered this blog. I’m going to start wearing Veg shoes for sure!

Or just say whatever you want about skating Veg…  (no answer here)


Are you veg and shred? Send in a some photos and the answer to all these questions to  Don’t forget a mailing address so we can get you some rad stickers. ( US only – that international shipping is EXPENSIVE!)

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Marble City Teaser

Marble City, the documentary about skateboarding in Seoul, South Korea, is about to get another edit.  VSB contributor Sean Conley is busy making some final changes and we hope to be seeing this cut soon.  We’ll keep you posted (we’re hoping for a little tour with the doc).  In the meantime, enjoy the teaser!

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Emerica Figueroa Wear Test by Bryan Hansen

Emerica Figueroa Wear Test Vegan Skate BlogOver the past three weeks I put these shoes through the ringer.  I’m able to skate about 8 hours a week, so this is roughly 24 hours of skating in the Figueroas.

Emerica Figueroa Wear Test Vegan Skate blog First Impression: This shoe felt amazing the first time I put them on my feet.  It was snug fitting with a bit of a narrow shape, really holding my foot in.  Straight from the shelf to the streets, the Figueroa is skate-able right out of the box, no break-in needed.

Emerica Figueroa Wear Test Vegan Skate blog Board feel: For a cupsole the Figueroa has great board feel.  I’ve struggled with “performance cupsoles” from other brands where there’s basically an EVA wedge under your heel, but the Figueroa’s mid-sole stretches the entire length of the shoe.  This full-length mid-sole does not make the shoe feel bulky at all, Emerica nailed it with this one!  Just enough padding under foot to get that happy medium between board feel and impact protection.

Emerica Figueroa Wear Test Vegan Skate blogDurability: This colorway is made from synthetic-nubuck, animal friendly but also able to take a beating.  The first session was a bit rough due to the fact that the outer coating on the synthetic-nubuck is extremely grippy.  After about an hour I’d worn off the outer layer in the high wear areas and the shoe became much easier to skate.  The synthetic-nubuck is a durable fabric very similar to the feel of suede, but stays stiffer longer, helping the shoe retain it’s original shape.  The ollie and flick areas are definitely showing wear, but I still haven’t blown through the upper yet.

Emerica Figueroa Wear Test Vegan Skate blogGrip: The thin EVA mid-sole in the fore-foot combined with flex-grooves on the sole help keep this shoe flexible allowing it to conform to the shape of your board and grip more surface area.  I would compare the grip on this shoe to a vulcanized model.  Obviously not as grippy as a vulc, but definitely a close second.

Emerica Figueroa Wear Test Vegan Skate blog Verdict: Hands down, the Emerica Figueroa is my favorite shoe from 2015, and easily in my top 3 favorite shoes of all time.  A cupsole that grips your board, great board feel while still being able to jump down stairs and gaps, and solid toe shape with quality flick.  If you’re looking to make the transition from vulcanized shoes to cupsoles, want a long-lasting cup with board feel, or just looking for a solid shoe, the Emerica Figueroa is for you!


Emerica size 7-13 $34.99


One of our readers Bryan “Swash” Hansen for sending in his skate review of the Emerica Figueroa.  Bryan sent us the review after noticing we were sleeping on the shoe reviews.  We really appreciate it. Thanks for lighting the fire under us to get the content moving.  It looks like we posted this a little late in the season, but that could be your gain.  At 35 dollars, these shoes are a steal!!!

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Ed Templeton receives Legend Award

Transworld Skateboarding Ed Templeton Toy Machine Loyal Pawns Vegan skateboarderEd Templeton was honored with the Legends Award at last weeks Transworld Skateboarding Awards. As a professional skateboarder for nearly 30 years, Ed has contributed massive influence to our subculture. From ground breaking tricks to art; Ed has (several times) built up the heaviest hitting skate team with Toy Machine in several eras of skateboarding.

Thanks for all you’ve contributed to skateboarding Ed, thanks for the interviews and support too! Here is a video for your viewing pleasure from Ed’s part in Toy Machine Live!  Bonus its got two songs with the vocals of Mr. Guy Picciotto!

-Mr. Fakie

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Servant Dagon

Servant Dagon vegan skateboard shoes faux suedeThe Servant Dagon IS a go-to vegan skate shoe. Not one colorway, but all the colorways! The model pictured above has been updated in color, but the same specs can be found on the previous edition we ran skate reviewed. The upper is made of a faux-suede called 4Skin which is as durable (if not more) than animal-based suede.  The canvas colllar has some medium cushioning that keeps ankles protected. The tongue is a thin mesh. It feels substantial but it really lets your feet breath.

Servant Dagon vegan skateboard shoes faux suedeThe Dagon came highly recommended from our last skate review. A few things we did hear back in the comments was, sizing was sometimes off. The overwhelming majority found the shoe was a 1/2 size larger.  So you might want to order a half size down.  Servant has a nice size guide on their website, so use it.  If you get the wrong size, their shipped out of Michigan so getting an exchange isn’t too difficult.  (We’ve listed several colorway to give you the best option in sizes, but the Blue Gum are pictured above.)

Blue/Gum size 7.5-11 $75

Red size 5-11 $75

Black size 6-12 $75

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Mike V. at Pizzanista

Mike Vallely Pizzanista Marc McKee Salman Agah

Salman making the dough. Salman, Marc McKee and Mike V w/ The Barnyard Pizza box. and The Please Don’t Eat My Friends Pizza! photo: Kevin Marks

Pizzanista hosted Mike Vallely a couple weeks back to talk about his infamous “Barnyard Board.” The shape of the deck was seen a precursor to modern street decks, but the Marc McKee graphic also has a story behind it. With the anniversary of the deck, we’ve seen a re-issue on Street Plant Brand, the Servant Collab shoe, and now a pizza box.  Mike gives a little more detail to that story (which may have been misrepresented in previous tellings) of the board.  Kevin Marks, contributing-editor sent in his account of the evening with the edited video below.  We might be hearing from Mike V again soon, so be sure to check back often.

Take it away Kevin…………………………………

I didn’t see this one coming… but Mike Vallely is vegan along with his whole family. Mike told me last night that 2 years ago he found himself walking through Louisville, KY.  He went past a hog slaughterhouse and the noises & smell repulsed him and he then made the decision to not eat animals any longer… as of Sept 2015 he and his family are embracing veganism.

That night’s story telling event at Pizzanista was amazing. I came to find out that Salman Agah is a committed vegetarian and sees Pizzanista continuing to break ground on vegan options and less meat. The pesto pizza that Mike and Salman crafted called the “Please don’t eat my friends” was insanely good and Salman is considering keeping it on the menu permanently.

Full video of the evening is up on Youtube from Jason Bush.

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Vegetable Shredder – Misha Pishulin

vegan skateboarder vegetable shredder  Misha PishulinNAME: Misha Pishulin

LOCATION: Crimea, Ukraine

OCCUPATION: travel, skateboarding and music.

Where do you like skating? On the streets of the Crimea and sometimes in the local skatepark.

Why did you go Veg? In 2011, I watched a movie ” Earthlings”  and this greatly changed my views. Since that time, I am vegan. Any violence toward animals is a crime.

Misha Pishulin vegan skaterWhat is your favorite thing to skate and why? Street, stage, railing, gap. A true spirit of freedom. I really love it.

Misha Pishulin vegetable shredder vegan skateboarderWhat shoe are you skating in now? Now I ride in VANS Chukka Del Barco, but my favorite shoes for skating is the Dekline Harper.

Or just say whatever you want about skating Veg…

Go vegan! P.S. excuse my bad english*

I was very excited to get Misha’s Vegetable Shredder in my email last year all the way from Crimea!  Sorry it took so long to get up, is it now Crimea, Russia? I hope the stickers I sent got to you. Embargoes can be a real pain though.

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Huf Classic Lo

Huf Classic Lo Vegan skateboard shoe canvas animal friendly shoesHuf Classic Lo come in a vegan colorway that reminds you of that other all black lo-top. These may have a bit of a higher price tag then you remember, Chuck.  Skate-goth doesn’t come cheap. The vulcanized canvas shoe features a soft foam insole, a protective toe-cap to give some extra skate wear and a rubber heal for a sturdy grip around the balls of the foot.

Huf Classic Lo Vegan skateboard shoe canvas animal friendly shoesSome would argue the value, and maybe the skate-life is all in the details. Extra durable canvas and hidden stitch lines.  (We still haven’t heard back from Huf about a pair for skate review, so readers can post their experiences in the comments)  A big advantage with the Huf Classic may also be the shear range in sizes. So for the small and large footed alike, Keith’s got you covered.

Huf size 5-13 $70.00

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