Emerica Figueroa

Justin “Figgy” Figueroa Canvas Vegan Colorway Vegan Skateboard shoes

Justin “Figgy” Figueroa’s premier shoe from Emerica has a Vegan colorway! The all canvas model is a low-cut with some skate-tech hidden inside. The Figueroa looks pretty damn slim but has an internal fit-system so you can rock the shoe with no laces! (though some short laces are included) The most comparable shoe we reviewed would be the Laced but with a whole lot more support in the midsole and padding in the collar.  These look like great shoes and the blue is a nice alternative from black. You know, for the days you don’t wanna go all-goth.

Local Skateshop

Kinetic size 8.5-10.5 $59.99


Emerica size 7-13 $59.99


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Vegetable Shredder – Erica Shultz

Vegan Skateboarder Erica ShultzNAME: Erica Shultz

LOCATION: Huntington Beach, CA

OCCUPATION: Digital Production Artist at RVCA

Where do you like skating? The bowls at Volcom skatepark in Costa Mesa.

Why did you go Veg? I was at a 108/Gather/7 Generations show in Santa Barbara and saw videos of animals being tortured on factory farms. It was impossible for me to act like those realities didn’t exist after seeing the videos, so I stopped supporting an industry that didn’t give a shit about animals.

What is your favorite thing to skate and why? Any bowl, pool, tunnel, ditch or mini ramp. I’m a surfer so I like to flow and go fast, like surfing an endless wave.

What shoe are you skating in now? Vans originals and low top Converse. I’ve had the Ed Templeton Transist shoe (very uncomfortable for me) and éS Theory canvas shoes (the comfiest but a little more bulky).

Or just say whatever you want about skating Veg… If you enjoy boycotting fucked up industries and want to limit your dating pool even more, try being straight edge! But seriously, it’s nice to know that other vegan skateboarders exist. Thanks Kerry!


I met Erica at a Zine Fest in San Francisco. She was heckling me and my young friend while we skated around the yard.  If you’re Veg and skate, copy down these questions and send them in to fake@veganskateblog.com Don’t forget a mailing address so we can get you some rad stickers.

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Portland Wheel Company – Supply The Night

Portland Wheel Company just dropped their new video Supply The Night.  Our friend (and Vegan shredder) Chris Klich rips it up!  Plenty of good old North Western transition in here, like the gnarly Orca Island Park. If you never got to skate Brooklyn Street you’ll get an eye-full.

Oh, and check out their wheels too!

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Entries Fader LS

Etnies Vegen skateboard shoes Fader LS Etnies Fader LS is a classic skate shoe and available in a vegan colorway for the first time in awhile! The black canvas upper features reinforced stitching around the ollie areas to give a little more life. The tongue is lightly padded to keep those feet feeling good and the collar has a nice cut to keep those ankles free.

Etnies gum cupsoles provide some great durability and support and if they’re anything like the our review pair of the Marana you’ll get some excellent skate life!

Etnies size 5-15 $54.99

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Portland to Texas to Portland

Fellow vegetable shredder Kevin Marks of the Traveling Free Box joined me on a road trip from Portland down to Texas and back again. Thirteen days, lots skating (most before noon), and some amazing snacks too!  We got a little footage at most of the spots we visited and had a chance to skate with a few friends along the way!  Kevin took a bunch of photos, so head over to the link above and check out some of the finer details of our journey.

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Emerica Reynolds Cruisers – throwback wear review by Kevin Marks

Young Guns & Lifers project. Go Skateboarding Day 2014 p: Jason Buck

Young Guns & Lifers project. Go Skateboarding Day 2014 p: Jason Buck

VSB contributor Kevin Marks has recently retired his Emerica Reynolds Cruisers after more then a year of shredding!  He has been skating most of his life and has no intention on stopping anytime soon. As of this writing Kevin is on day 156 of 200 days of skateboarding goal. (Stretch is 365 and beyond) Emerica Vegan Skateboard shoes Andrew Reynolds The Boss Baker Bakerboys

We posted the Reynolds Cruisers back in February of 2012 when the shoe was hitting the shelves for spring. Kevin got himself a few pairs and has been running them to the ground.  As a person who strives for as little waste as possible in his life, he certainly gave these shoes a good run. You may not be able to find this shoe any longer, but Emerica makes fine quality skateboard shoes and always have at least a few Vegan options every season.  Right now Kevin is getting into his B. Herman G6 Vulcs.

-Mr. Fakie


Emerica Vegan Skateboard shoes Reynolds Cruisers Baker Baker Skateboards BakerboysI started skating these Cruisers in the early summer of 2013 and they were my second pair. Stable, light weight, cushy insole, simple. It should be said that I’m not very hard on my equipment. I also take pride in riding my equipment into the ground. I extended their life several times over the 15 months they served me. They remind me of a VANS era. Emerica Vegan Skateboard Shoes Andrew Reynolds BakerThe Crusiers were super comfortable and hard to let go. I didn’t initially put shoe goo on, that wasn’t until a year later.Andrew Reynolds Emerica Vegan Skateboard shoesShoe goo was put on the left shoe ollie zone June 2014. The right shoe heel cup came loose at 8 months, but didn’t affect my skating. To wear them barefoot, I put some duct tape at the back to prevent blisters.Vegan Skateboard shoes Emerica Reynolds Baker SkateboardsThe soles of the Reynolds Cruisers had multiple spots where the foam was showing through and finally one spot worn all the way through. Overall the tread pattern lasted a long time and was truly grippy.

———————————————————————————————————-Thanks for sending in the review Kevin!  If any of you want to see how a 42 year old rips, here are some photos.  Check back for some video evidence of front rocks and pivot fakies that should keep you motivated to skate into retirement.

Launch Community through skateboarding Kevin Marks Old man on a skateboard

Frontside 50-50 a few months into the Cruisers lifespan – Sept 2013 Launch Creative Center, Ft. Collins, CO p:Andy Weiss

take your dad skateboarding day feeble fake

feeble fakie days before I retired the Cruisers – Sept 2014 Leadville, CO p: Mark Liscak

Kevin getting a smooth smith grind.

Kevin getting a smooth smith grind.

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Portland to Texas and back again…

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.03.08 AM Vegan, skateboarder and all around vagabond Kevin Marks of Traveling Free Box has joined me on an adventure of skateboarding and delicious food through the West.   beetboxA quarter of the way through our trip, Denver has served us up with a great skatepark and some donuts.

Check out #pdxtoTXtopdx on Instagram for posts from Kevin and Mr. Fakie for updates. If you’d like to skate or grub (or lets us crash at your pad) give us a shout.

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Vegetable Shredder – Jimmy Hoang

Vegan Skateboarder Jimmy

Backside flip over the side walk photo: Nick Labovites

Name: Jimmy Hoang

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts

Occupation: Loving Hut Hamilton. I’m a part time chef.

Where do you like skating?: Eggs in Boston.

Why did you go veg?: I was actually born and raised a vegetarian. I became vegan when I was twelve years old because my family and I decided being a vegetarian wasn’t enough and it defeated the purpose of being against animal cruelty. To really be against animal cruelty and support animal rights; It just didn’t make sense to still be consuming milk and wearing leather.

Jimmy Hoang frontside flip vegan skateboarder vegetable shredderWhat is your favorite thing to skate and why?: I enjoy skating everything but if I had to choose, flat ground is my favorite thing to skate. Its what I grew up skating everyday and I just love the feeling of doing a solid flat ground kickflip.

What shoes are you skating in right now?: Fallen The Vibes

Say whatever I want about skating vegan…: Being vegan has unlocked my full potential and strength to keep pushing forward on and off my skateboard.


Jimmy sent this rad vegetable shredder to us back in July! Probably some of my favorite skate shots since Deerman’s Vegetable Shredder!   You’re in some good company Jimmy!

If you skateboard and shred vegetables, send us an email fakie [at] veganskateblog.com  You’ll become famous beyond your wildest dreams and get a sweet sticker pack.

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Huf Sutter

Huf Sutter Vegan Skateboard shoes Huf Sutter boarders fancy and functional skateboard shoe in this all vegan model!  Huf has been bringing out a number colorways in this slim silhouette with no animal, but this is their first fully synthetic leather upper!  With super minimal lines and just a splash of camo print on the tongue these look like a great pair to wear on your next fancy skate-date! Hope to see a bunch more synthetics from Huf. We’re going to hit up Keith for a review pair and hopefully have some updates soon!

Huf sizes 4-13 $70.00

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Mercy For Animals Investigates Factory Duck Farm

photo2Mercy for Animals just released footage from an undercover investigation at Riechardt Duck Farm in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The investigator turned over footage to the Sonoma County Sheriffs Department which resulted in a raid on the factory farm that holds close to 300,000 animals.

Factory farm footage like this seems even more compounded and cruel when you think of the absence of anything close to what a ducks habitat would resemble. Though not surprising, the “industry” definition of animal cruelty takes none of this into account. Maybe thats more damning?  This isn’t really a case of factory farm out of control or perpetrating  unusual cruelty. This is by the book abuse. It’s just a stronger case that eating animals is fucked up.

For more info, check out the Mercy for Animals and exclusive video on the ABC 7 site.

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