Skate Heads

The Zenga Brothers, “Skate Heads“, may be reminiscent of carting your home made kicker around the neighborhood, but at a whole new fantasy level.  Sorry PAS, your skate-house may have ledges, but the Zenga Bros are cruising on rails and grinding boats!

Thanks to my bros, Craig Freeman and Michael Whartnaby for sending this in.

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Ryan Lay Interview by Kevin Marks


Name, Age, Birthplace?  Ryan Lay, 26, Mesa, AZ

What year did you first step on a skateboard? 1998 maybe?

What led you to get on that board?  My older brothers influenced me.  We had a copy of Mouse and Public Domain

Current sponsors?  Welcome, éS, Coalatree, Freedom Boardshop, Krux, Orbs (Welcome) Wheels

What is your current setup?  size board, wheels, trucks, etc…  Krux 8.25 52mm Welcome 8.3 ish

Past board sponsors?  Krooked, Rasa Libre and Enjoi.

photo:matt price

crooked grind photo:matt price

What can you tell us about the éS team plans?  trips?  pro shoes?  They are starting really small and selling only to core skate shops. I think we will be doing some small trips in the next year, but for now it’s mostly just social media stuff to promote the (shoe) “packs.”    I know that Walker Ryan and Tom Asta are pretty involved over there. I think it’ll (éS team) be built out by the end of 2015. Walker is a friend of mine. I hit him up and it sounded like a rad opportunity.

What was the process to get on Welcome after Enjoi let you go?  I was talking to Chris Milic and I definitely wanted to go to a newer company where I’d have a little more creative freedom. After talking with Jason (the owner), I knew it would be a good fit.

How did things end with IPATH? They were sold from Timberland to a few investors, who didn’t really see the point of putting out a video and keeping the whole team. They kicked off half the team and the rest of us quit as a result of this.

Nose-Slide photo:Matt Price

Nose-Slide photo:Matt Price

Favorite I-path teammate to room with on trips? I always roomed with Price, but Kenny Reed is a close second.

Have you ever lived outside of AZ as a sponsored am? Yes, I lived in San Francisco from 18-20 and New York from around 22-24.

What prompted your move to SF? Why did you leave?  I moved to SF to go to college. I was feeling a little burnt out on skateboarding at the time. I had an opportunity to travel a little bit and was hesitant to take on student loans at the time.

Have you ever felt pressure to move to CA to appease your sponsors? Occasionally… I’ve been pretty independent as far as being a sponsored skater goes. That’s probably hindered me a little bit over the years from doing more in skateboarding.

I was in Phoenix at the end of last year to witness you win the Cowtown Curb Kings contest. What memories do you have of that?  Haha, that was pretty hectic. I really like the format of those contests, it’s all endurance.

Do you know much about your skate trip plans for 2015? I’m going to Salt Lake City this weekend with some of the Skate After School volunteers to film for the Welcome video.

Favorite terrain to ride? Lately, it’s been small towns all over the West.  Utah, Colorado, Arizona.

Who are your main skate buds in AZ? Ahh.. too many to name. Mostly Tempe skaters. Brimley guys, Pyramid Country guys, Freedom Boardshop guys. Price, Bobby Green, Tim Ward, Ari Shiffrin, Ted Schmitz, just to name a few.

Talk about the after-school skateboard program you’re involved with.            The organization is called, Skate After School. It’s a nonprofit that provides after-school programming to at-risk and low-income youth. I’m kind of the acting Executive Director, although Tim Ward and I do so many different things it’s almost silly to have titles. I do growth and development type stuff. This ranges from cultivating new relationships with schools and potential partnerships, planning and executing fundraisers and events, public speaking engagements, managing our fund, keeping board members informed and involved. I got involved through Bobby Green in 2011. He was running the program when Tim was living in Portland. When Tim moved back, we all made the decision to expand and try to make a go at being a real nonprofit.

nollie nose blunt photo: Matt Price

nollie nose blunt photo: Matt Price

How long have you been vegan? Somewhere around three or four years, I lose track.  I took two months off around when I was getting knee surgery a year and a half ago. I had a torn meniscus at the time and was about fifteen pounds underweight. I was able to get some ethically sourced meat from this amish farm in Arizona as well as from the Coalatree guys, but it didn’t end up making me feel any better.  After getting knee surgery, I realized that eating meat was weighing heavy on my conscience, so I decided to go back to being vegan.

Was that doctor recommended? My myopractor and chiropractor both recommended that I do it, but ultimately it was my decision.

What made you go vegan?  who helped you transition?  I had been vegetarian for a few years and was reading “Eating Animals,” by Jonathan Safran Foer on a trip to Argentina and that was really the catalyst. My friend Jesse Hlebo had also been encouraging. Honestly, I remember eating a really gnarly calzone on that trip and just feeling absolutely horrid afterward; that was really the moment for me.

Do you wear vegan shoes when available? Yes, I do. I’ve gone back and forth on this subject, but at the moment, I have to skate what is available to me. I ride canvas when it’s an option; right now it is not. I blow through canvas shoes in a day or two, so I’m not really sure what’s the best option here. I do feel just as wasteful going through three to four canvas shoes for every suede pair. I’ve encouraged Don Brown to make a vegan model. He is the brand manager and has been a vegetarian for 3 years.

Favorite Phoenix area vegan restaurant?  Without a doubt, Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee. I can’t even explain how incredible that place is. I recommend going for breakfast, but literally everything they have on the menu is great; very fresh and a lot of the food is made from scratch.

Do you cook much? What do you like cooking? Unfortunately, I do not cook very much. I attribute this to being busy and for the most part, lazy. That being said, I do have a Vita-Mix, and usually consume most of my meals during the week in the form of a smoothie; lots of protein shakes and green smoothies. I also make nut butters and almond milk with it.

No-Comply photo: Matt Price

No-Comply photo: Matt Price

Have your parents been supportive of your dietary change?  Yes and no. They have always been very supportive of everything I’ve done, but I know it kills my mom that I don’t eat some of her classic dishes. I am much more lenient than I used to be, so that has made things much easier. I used to not eat sugar or flour, but couldn’t keep my weight up and so have eased up on that quite a bit.

What actions do you take in your life to minimize your impact on the planet?  I use my bike  as transportation as much as I can and try to watch my water usage.

Favorite skaters of the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and Today?  Way before my time… I like Todd Congelliere a lot, but that was around 90. Keenan Milton and Guy Mariano in the 90’s, John Cardiel, Keegan Sauder, Matt Field and Jack Sabback in the 2000’s, and today Jordan Sanchez and Pat Gallaher.

For more information on Skate After School, check out their website. Ryan co-founded the   Phoenix based skate program, which is exposing kids in under served communities with a chance to step on a skateboard and get active.

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Vegetable Shredder – Jared Paul Evans

vegetable shredder vegan skateboarderNAME: Jared Paul Evans

LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

OCCUPATION: Accountant

vegan skater jared evansWhere do you like skating? DIY spots (e.g the Brain Drain), south Brisbane street spots, and Coops & Paddo skateparks on my lunch breaks during the week

Why did you go Veg?  In my family eating meat was the norm. I grew up with family BBQ’s and fishing trips and I believed the meat industry’s claim that ‘our’ animals were treated right and lived dignified full lives – to eat them was just the natural order (the truth being that most meat is from young caged animals who are mistreated). In my late 20’s I slowly woke up to the suffering that was inherent in the meat producing industries  – to animals, to the environment and to the end consumer’s own health. In 2011 my partner and I did the “Vegan November challenge and I’ve been vegan since. Around this time I watched Earthlings, Forks over Knives, and learnt about speciesism. I consider being vegan to be an ethical approach to life where you attempt to live a compassionate life and to do the least harm possible – far more than just a ‘plant based diet’. Veganism and animal rights are gaining momentum with the high profile campaigns by Sea Shepard to stop illegal whaling in Australian waters and the live cattle export trade was brought to light by Lyn White and animals Australia. Also there is currently the “you bet they die” campaign against Greyhound racing – which is not just legal but state government funded. I’m against the systematic exploitation of animals for food, clothes and entertainment – that’s why I’m veg and why I adopted a rescue Greyhound.

vegan skateboarderWhat is your favorite thing to skate and why? I skate everything I come across, from transition to street spots. New spots and obstacles keep skateboarding fun – skated a fridge last weekend.

What shoe are you skating in now? Globe black textile – not sure the type & old Supra Vaiders in canvas.

Jared evans vegan skateboarder vegetable shredderOr just say whatever you want about skating Veg…  I’m vegan for the animals, but it also helps me stay healthy and recover quicker at 32 than I did as a meat eater in my 20’s. Most skaters are independent thinkers, so it is only natural that many have questioned the inherited thinking regarding animals and have made the decision to be veg. Respect to all veg shredder out there!

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DC Switch S TX Spiegel

DC Switch S TX vegan skate shoe Brandon SpiegelDC Switch S TX Spiegel is a new collaboration shoe in a great colorway, and is vegan!  The all canvas upper has super clean lines and a great color scheme that makes a nice break from the usual black canvas. Solid toe-cap and hidden “blind” seam to avoid rips and blowouts. The Switch is the team model and a sturdy skate shoe

DC vegan skateboard shoe Switch S TXDC sent us a sample shoe, (thats right one left size 9) so while we can’t skate test it, we can take a close look.

DC Switch S TX Brandon Speigel vegan skate shoeBrandon Spiegel is a studio artist from Southern California. His work is primarily repeated line work that create labyrinth like patterns. His designs provide the detail on the shoe. The tongue patch here is a faux-leather imprinted with design and the DC Logo and star.

DC Switch S TX Brandon Spiegel Vegan skateboard shoeThe lightly padded tongue and collar has a soft red lining, with Speigel’s design printed through out. DC Switch S TXThe arch has three venting eyelet holes to help keep things breezy.

DC vegan skateboard shoesThe vulcanized sole has the DC pill pattern and the big 7 point star. The inner working of the sole also feature a 7mm OrthoLite sock liner that will provide some solid impact protection.

Check out Brandon Spiegel’s art on his site

DC size 7-13 $70.00

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Protest Univ. of Washington’s Animal Lab

No New Animal Labs, is a campaign to stop University of Washington from building a new animal facility for animal experimentation. The University of Washington, located in Seattle, has decided to build an underground laboratory that would expand their animal testing facilities. The campaign is currently focused on pressuring Skanska, an international construction firm from building the preposed labs.

On Saturday April 25th, No New Animal Labs campaign will converge on University of Washington as well at Skanska offices all over the world to say, No to the construction of the proposed labs. Construction has yet to begin, and pressure campaigns have a proven track record of getting companies to stop doing business with controversial clients.

Check out the No New Animal Labs site for news and action alerts.  If you can get to Seattle on the 25th of April, or google your local Skanska office and pay them a visit.

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Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc

Emerica Reynolds Vulc vegan skateboard shoes canvas no animals harmedEmerica Reynolds Low Vulc comes in two vegan colorways this season! The low-top version of the high-top Reynolds we reviewed last year, now has donned a vulcanized sole. This is great for that close board feel.  Wider foot folks take note, the vulcanized shoes always offer a little more space for your tootsies!

Vegan Skateboard shoes Emerica Canvas Reynolds Andrew Reynolds The Boss BakerBlack canvas everywhere on these, so make sure you get some black shoe goo to match! Emerica has a solid platform and these shoes will hold up LONG past the hole that will surely end up in the canvas.


Tan Print size 7-13 $59.99

Black size 6.5-12 $59.99

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Vegetable Shredder – Sebas Savage

100_2860_1NAME: Juan Sebastian Fedrigotti AKA: Sebas Savage

LOCATION: Madrid, Spain

OCCUPATION: Bartender, creative artist.

Where do you like skating? Hospital garraham argentina, escombro park madrid, church of lies madrid.

Why did you go Veg? Couldn’t turn my head away anymore, once I became conscious I had to change my food habits and my lifestyle.

10726541_10203790145927365_456277554_nWhat is your favorite thing to skate and why? Street, strange and lost spots, skate missions, also parks but only the ones with an OG scene.

What shoe are you skating in now? Some Lakais i get cheap from a sponsored friend, suede upper sadly

sebas wallride fakieOr just say whatever you want about skating Veg…  25 years of non-vegan skating, going for the next 25 but vegan,  live to learn & learn to live, skate and destroy, PH crew, Toro Savage Auuuuaaaa!!!


Thanks Sebas for the rad photos and story!  If you skate and shred vegetables, get at us and tell why you skate and are veg!

-Mr. Fakie

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Alien She – Riot Grrrl and it’s Contemporary influence

Stoked I saw Ed Templeton's post about this outstanding art exhibit or I would have missed it - you have til May 24th to get there yourself.

Stoked I saw Ed Templeton’s post about this outstanding art exhibit or I would have missed it – you have til May 24th to get there yourself.

Alien She is an exhibit of seven artists (Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Tammy Rae Carland, Miranda July, Faythe Levine, Allyson Mitchell, L.J. Roberts, and Stephanie Syjuco) that have been influenced by or part of the Riot Girl movement. The exhibit includes hundreds of historical documents like zines, fliers, and other documents from the era that defined a new wave of feminism in the punk context.  Contributor, Kevin Marks made a stop in at the show on his bike ride from San Diego to Simi Valley. Check out the rest of hist trip on TravelingFreeBox

The show currently runs through May 24th at OCMA (Orange County Museum of Art) and later this year in Portland, OR.  All Photos and captions by Kevin Marks 

Mr. Fakie.

the wall of zines was massive and impressive

The wall of zines was massive and impressive.

the explanation to the uninitiated.....we are the revolution

The explanation to the uninitiated…..We ARE the revolution.

 Pillow exhibit made from pro women slogan themed clothing

Pillow exhibit made from pro-gay slogan themed clothing

A Bikini Kill flyer that takes back the often exploited theme of women in animation.

A Bikini Kill flyer that takes back the often exploited theme of women in animation.

One of my favorite exhibits – stand up, fight back

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Etnies Rap CT – First Look Review

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesThe Rap CT (part of the Etnies “Future Heritage” line) comes in a number of Vegan color ways! While the original was a puffy cupsole typical of the 90s, this update bares little resemblance.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesEtnies has decided to choose a vulcanized sole, medium tongue padding, and a longer one-piece toe cap. The similarities may be limited to the faux-leather side panelling. They look really good though and feel even better in some bright spring colors!

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesThe heel caps aren’t too stiff and the detailing looks great. Loops are great for quickly pulling on those double knotted shoes.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesA look closer to the collar reveals a good bit of ankle scoop and padding for some free movement with solid protection. The elastic band is nice too and hold the tongue solid in place.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesThe Rap CT look SUPER clean in white canvas (thats not going to last) and the round laces. If you are going to tie them up every time you skate, round laces feel a little quicker to get a grasp on.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesEtnies pattern on the Rap CT goes for more of the Future then the Heritage since its a vulcanized model. Though the irony may be lost on the kids who see vulc as the future and cupsole as the heritage. Funny how these trends recycle themselves.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesAlso the blue comes in blue!

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesThe Rap CT’s canvas feels thick and sturdy but still flexes really well. The long toe has a great flick feeling to it.  Ollie and flip-tricks and going to wear so you may want to buy some shoe-goo for these. The durability of the rest of the shoes components are going to outlast your ollie spot for sure.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesAfter 3 skate sessions a small hole is opening up and this yellowish brown stain is coming up around from the foxing tape. It may be the effect of some glue residue and sweaty feet mixing and absorbing into the canvas.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesSix sessions and a cranberry juice cocktail later; the top layer of canvas has ripped through. The lining is now showing. That extra layer of canvas connected to the lace cage is going to give some extra protection for the back ollie area.   These need to get goo’d ASAP!

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesDespite a little staining and some ollie holes these shoes are still solid. Plenty of life left on the soles and overall they feel great.  Sizing wise, the toes feel open. Not pointed and narrow.  Overall the shoe runs about a quarter size larger.

Highly recommended but don’t forget the Shoe-Goo. Etnies, can we can some in an all synthetic-upper?


White size 5-14 $59.99

Blue size 6-14 $59.99

Black sizes limited $59.99

Grey sizes limited $49.99

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Animal-Liberationist Keith Mann and Cancer

I recently learned that Keith Mann, arguably the most infamous and outspoken Animal Liberationist, was diagnoseed with a form of cancer called Follicular lymphoma. Mann who was diagnosed in 2013, has decided to forgo modern cancer treatment methods, most of which have come about through animal testing.  His decision to take this path is surely controversial for many, (no matter the stance on animal rights) and certainly if you’re familiar with Mann’s brand of activism he may even come off as masochistic or arrogant.

Though it certainly is eerie, if you watch the the BBC (Hardtalk) interview posted above; In 2007 Keith was emphatic that he would not use cancer treatments gained by animal testing if he was afflicted. Call that principled or eating humble pie, Mann is setting an example. One that he does explicitly say that he only imposes on himself.

I first discover Keith Mann in 1996. I was newly vegan and very engaged with the ideas of Animal Liberation.  Angels of Mercy documentary had recently been released and I picked it up at a hardcore show.  Best Wishes to Keith and his family. Thank you for the inspirations and the countless lives you have made better through action and sacrifice.

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