Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc

Emerica Vegan skateboard shoes Synthetic-suedeEmerica Reynolds Low Vulc is finally available in vegan synthetic nubuck! Black on Black on Black (flip it over though and you’ll reveal a gum sole) possibly making it the most goth/metal/punk of the Emerica lineup.  Featured as part of the Fall 2015 Vegan Pack (Romero Laced and Herman G6 Vulc are also part of that collection), it’s been re-upped for the Holiday 15 season too. The vulcanized sole has been making the rounds to nearly all the Emerica pro-models and this seems to be the favorite on the companies site right now.

Emerica Vegan skateboard shoes Synthetic-suedeWhile we’ve found a vulcanized sole equals a wider fit on most Sole Technology shoes, some online reports of the Reynolds Vulc having a tapered toe might be reason to try a half size larger.

If you’re in the midwest, hit up our friends Escapist. In shop or online they have size 9-11 $60.00

Update: Our friends over at Kinetic also have size 8.5 through 13 at $59.00.

Emerica is full stocked size 5-14 $59.99

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Vegan Skate Blog T-Shirts

Vegan Skate Blog T-Shirt Avocado Skull Pit Polejam american made, Union Made Recycled ethical clothing

photo:Chris Klich

ethical clothing union made fashion vegan sweatshop-free

photo:Sean Conley

women skaters unisex ethical fashion ethical apparel vegan recycled

photo:Sean Conley

vegan skater Avocado Skull Pit sweatshop-free fashion

photo:Sean Conley

Vegan Skate Blog T-Shirts are here! Our Avocado Skull Pit has never had more pop, and now you can show your vegetable shredding pride when you’re out there skating or eating tofu blocks.The Avocado Skull Pit t-shirt is Union made, in the USA, out of 65% recycled cotton and 35% recycled Polyester made from plastic bottles! Super soft and sustainable! It comes in black, sizes  small to xLarge. Jade is ripping it up in the small unisex!Chris is in the large unisex. We wanted to make a shirt that looked cool and we could back 100%  It had to not only be ethically made, but look and feel great to wear.

$25 (shipped US) $35 (shipped International) Jump over to the shop and pick one up!

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Servant Loiter Barnyard

Servant Loiter Barnyard Street Plant Mike V Vallaley Vegan skateboard shoes faux-suedeServant Loiter Barnyard is (at this point) a very limited edition Vegan skateboard shoe. A collaboration of the Malmö based skate shoe company and Mike Vallely’s Street Plant brand, the Loiter Barnyard features art from Vallely’s iconic deck that just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary with a re-issued through Street Plant.   Servant, for who Mike V rides, upgraded the canvas Loiter with their 4-Skin Microfiber synthetic-suede – a material the company boasts to be more durable then animal based suede.

Mike V Barnyard deck

Originally from World Industries, the Barnyard Deck was an early version of the contemporary “popsicle stick” design. Mike’s concept for a pro-vegetarian message was not exactly realized in what artist Marc McKee and Steve Rocco sent to press. In the documentary, “The Man Who Souled The World” Mike Vallely describes his disappointment with what he felt was a mockery of his vegetarianism.

PETA Kids ad from 1990 promoting Mike V and the Barnyard skate deck

PETA Kids ad from 1990 promoting Mike V and the Barnyard skate deck

With the passage of time his feelings towards both the art and his vegetarianism have  seemingly changed.  Lucky for the vegan skaters of the world, a board that presented the message of not eating animals was produced in an all Vegan colorway!vegan skateboard shoes Mike V Servant

The upper is comprised of a solid toecap piece made of Servant’s  “4-Skin microfiber” synthetic suede which is over-layed and triple-stitched to a tough canvas midsection.  The shoe is a true cupsole, but it takes some cues from a vulcanized shoe due to its use of faux-foxing tape.  Light padding around the canvas collar and thin tongue may not offer a ton of protection from flying boards, but your feet will feel free to maneuver as if your wearing a slip on. Servant Street Plant Vegan skateboard shoesThe Loiter Barnyard have a wide (almost squared) toe. If you have wide feet, these are the shoe you want. With lots of room to breath, my toes never felt sweating or squeezed. With no extra bulk, flashing, or toe bumper to get in the way, the Loiter feels light and natural on the foot. Also a pig on the tongue. That’s all you really need in a tongue detail, right?vegan skate shoes Barn Yard Street plantThe Barnyard art is mirrored on the insole, with the exception of a missing detail from the original board-art: a flock of chickens dropping an anvil on a pitchfork wielding farmer below. vegan skateboard shoes ServantThe “Cush Strobel” footbed is the the same as the Dagon and offers some serious impact protection. Even after several weeks of skating they still retain the forceable feedback to keep the heel bruising away. The faux-suede detailing at the back of the collar adds some protection against ankle burn. It also makes jamming your feet in (without lacing) so much simpler.  Two wide elastic bands keep the thinnly padded tongue nice and snug.  Even when your laces come undone, the Loiter stays right where it should. Servant shoes Loiter Vegan

The business end of all Servant footwear has a rad hexagon/triangle pattern that grips super well and flexes even better. Grab a pair and right out of the box they’re easy to bend back and forth. Though no real break-in time is needed here. The left image shoes the Loiter Barnyard straight out of the box and on the right is after 7 weeks of wear.  Plenty of tread to go before they’re eating away at ball of my foot.Servant Loiter no leather vegan faux suede 4-skinThe Loiter Barnyard after several weeks of skating has just started to peak into the lining. The 4-Skin microfiber is still as soft as the day they came out of the box, which makes them feel great when lacing up. None of that crusty shoe you get when sweating it out at the session.  Notice the side panels are starting to rip a little, but the triple-stitching is still holding 100% and well clear of any serious wear areas.Loiter Barn Yard Vegan skateboard shoes

After weeks of skating the whole did begin to open up a bit more then in the above picture. Though at this stage we could have easily dabbed a little Shoe-Goo and saved the Loiter.vegan skateboard shoes Loiter Servant Mike V

Another week after the first whole started to open up, its a gaper!  Servant makes a hell of a shoe and the Loiter Barnyard held up much longer then any other shoe we have reviewed, aside from the Servant Dagon which has a bit more lining in the toe. In total the shoe was skated for nearly 10 weeks total!

The final verdict. Get online and order a pair now! Maybe two, maybe three.  The fit is a little larger then you may normally wear. In other words, you may want to go down a half or whole size.  Though Servant has a handy size finder guide if you want to be sure. We had serval readers report on the Dagon to be a size to two sizes bigger then they expected.  The good news, though Servant is really only available in the US through the manufactures website, they’re shipping from with in the states and returns are easy.   Get a pair while you can, and take advantage of the sweet price.


Servant sizes 7.5-12 $39.00

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Dylan Goldberger Interview

Dylan Goldberger Deathwish Retribution Series animal farmDylan Goldberger is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He’s been creating art for skateboard companies (Coda, Deathwish and Hopps) and shops (2nd Nature and KCDC)  all around the New York area for several years. He also rides for Coda, Prizefighter wheels, 2nd Nature, and is on flow with Vans.  At twenty-six, Goldberger who in his skate career used to go by Dylan James, proves if you can make it “here” (that being New York) you can make it “anywhere”. His most high-profile gig to date is the current release of Deathwish decks, titled the “Delicacy Series.” George Orwell’s, Animal Farm and other derivatives of animals-cum-tormentor, might be the first thing that comes to mind when seeing the series.  Revenge is not a new subject for Dylan, just check out his site! After seeing the decks on Deathwish’s Instagram and getting a few emails about it, I reached out to Dylan to talk about art, animals, and skateboarding in New York.

–Mr. Fakie


The Retribution Series (and Delicacy Series) covers a lot of territory; animals used for food, hunting/fishing, sled dogs and horse carriages.   Can you go into detail about these issues and what they mean to you? How do you feel about non-human animals being used by humans? 

I think my earliest realization of my love for animals comes from being a little kid and watching movies. I would feel little emotion when a human died, but the second an animal passed or was even mistreated I would start balling my eyes out. I’m not trying to pretend to be a huge animal rights protester, heck I’m not even vegan, but I do love animals and enjoy being able to give them advantages over humans through my illustrations.

Dylan Goldberger Retribution Series hunting fishingYou’re from Westchester, though it’s close to the NYC, its strangely rural and there is hunting and fishing around those parts. Did you ever have exposure to hunting, friends/family? 

No, my family was never into hunting. I went fishing a couple of times with my dad, but wasn’t really into that either. I enjoyed going hiking and exploring with my parents and dogs, but besides that I was mostly hanging out and skateboarding in the cities of Westchester (County).

Do you think people look into the issues that your series is talking about? I imagine vegans or animal-rights oriented folks get psyched on it and fan out. Does anyone get bummed and have defensive comments about it?  

I started the Retribution series by accident in 2010 while I was still in school with my Last Supper piece. I just thought the animals eating a human role reversal was comical, but when I brought it in for a critique it started a whole discussion in the class about animal rights. Since then I have been making many illustrations with similar themes. A lot of vegans and vegetarians get pretty stoked on those pieces, but I feel like for the most part everyone finds some humor in them. Occasionally I’ll get someone bummed on the violence towards the human or something dumb like that, but thats when you just have to say, “yeah. ok. whatever.” and ignore them.

Dylan Goldberger Dylan James dogs art

Maybe its speciesist but dogs are the best companion animal. Who were some of the important dogs in your life? 

I grew up always having a family dog. Kate the english setter was already there when I was born. Next was George III the basset hound. George and Kate have since passed, and now my parents have Harry, a Wheaten/Rottweiler mix that kind of looks like am Irish wolfhound. I currently don’t have a dog, but I think about getting one everyday.

Dylan Goldberger Fox skateboarding frontside 5-0 grindThe animals in your art are whimsical, anthropomorphized and yet still very much true to their animal form.  Did you have some illustrated books that influenced you as a kid? 

I think one of my greatest influences has been Disney. I loved all the animated films as a kid and had an art of Disney book I would copy drawings from all the time growing up. I still will look up Disney character sketches as reference when I can’t get something to work how I want it to. I have an amazing book of the drawings of Heinrich Kley. He brings so much movement and personality into he animals while keeping them pretty autonomically correct. Kley was actually a huge influence on Disney’s Fantasia. Peter de Sève is another artist who’s animal characters I greatly admire.

There are a lot of distractions in the city, what kept you motivated to finish school?

I didn’t really find school that challenging. It was definitely a ton of work, mostly it was work I enjoyed doing. Maybe I wasn’t 100% invested my first few semesters but thats how most freshmen are right? My biggest distraction was skateboarding for the first few years. Being  in a new city, all I wanted to do was go explore a different street everyday and find more stuff to skate.

Did you go to the city much as a teenager to skate?

We would go into Manhattan a bunch and skate all over from Grand Central to Battery Park and back, but did’t really start venturing into other boroughs until senior year of High School when people had cars. I definitely had a pretty good sense of direction and where some spots were by the time I moved to Brooklyn.

Edited/Filmed by Max Hull

Any gnarly stories commuting to skate on the metro-north or subway?

One of the first times I was riding the subway when I moved here, I got off the G train and some dude that was making a racket the whole ride on the train comes stumbling off behind me. He makes it just outside the door and starts swaying all around. He starts falling back and ping-ponging off the train as its pulling away and as soon as theres no more train he falls strait backwards, stiff as a board, onto the tracks. At this point everyone on the platform thinks he’s dead, but he starts to get up and his forearm is so unbelievably broken it looked like a Z. With this terribly mangled arm he tries to climb up out of the tracks putting all his weight on it, you could hear it breaking more. I couldn’t take it any more and left.  I’m sure there are a million other things I can’t seem to think of on the spot.

Did you get to the Brooklyn Banks or the Autumn Bowl before it was over?

Those were probably my two favorite spots to skate in the city. I would come down from Westchester for events at the banks and once I started going to school here, every Friday I would skate over the Manhattan bridge to the old LES park and then go to the banks. I had not been to the bowl before I moved here, but had always wanted to. I met Andy Kessler a year before he passed away and he was the first person to bring me to the bowl. I loved that place and was able to find my way in there multiple times a week up until the end.

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Vegetable Shredder – Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall Vegan skateboarder rawNAME: Chris Kendall aka the Banana Commander

LOCATION: Traveling nomad from Saskatchewan Canada

OCCUPATION: RHN Raw Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Raw food Chef, Kundalini Yoga teacher

Where do you like skating? I love skating anywhere and everywhere, from gritty to perfectly smooth I love it all!

Why did you go Veg? I literally went veg as Yoga pointed me in that direction to feel better so I could skate more and heal faster from chucking, the rest of the reasons followed, that was 16 years ago

What is your favorite thing to skate and why? This is so so tough but I would have to say a Wooden Mini Ramp. Five to Six feet is my favorite so you can really lock into smith grinds and also get some good air. I could skate a mini all day, nothing beats a session with some good friends on a solid mini ramp!

vegan skateboarder Chris Kendall What shoe are you skating in now? I am skating the Indy Vans pro cupsole shoe in Hemp!! Love them, for me Vans has the best grip ever and makes a bunch of hemp / canvas / synthetic  shoes that really rule it!

Say whatever you want about skating Veg.  Skateboarding to me has always been about self expression and passion, this only permeates into the rest of my life. skating has led me to become more creative in the ways I can grow in sharing and helping my larger family, connecting with more people and spreading the message of health, passion and compassion. As a side bonus I feel and heal way better than before!

——————————————————————————————————————-A three-song skate part, and right after the MJ video!  Wow, thanks Chris. We’ve been sitting on this Vegetable Shredder for awhile and I’m glad to finally get it out there for ya’ll!

The Banana Commander isn’t just a vegan, he’s all raw. What can I say, more seitan rubens for the rest of us!  Kidding, kidding. If you’re veg and shred, send in a some photos and the answer to all these questions to fakie@veganskateblog.com  Don’t forget a mailing address so we can get you some rad stickers.

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Lakai MJ

Lakai MJ marc Johnson Skateboard shoe vegan canvas

The MJ is a new Lakai model and comes in a super stylish vegan colorway! Marc Johnson always has shoes with flair, even when they’re super minimal like these. Slim padding on the tongue and the collar may have some chalking these up as a casual shoe, but the outsole construction is the same as Lakai’s Griffin making it more than adequate for skating.

The fancy print and minimal branding make these fun shoes on and off the board! The upper is all canvas, so get that shoe-goo on standby. Either way it’s great to see Lakai making more vegan color ways!

Lakai size 5-12 $65.00

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BA. KU.: Kult Skating/Dark Rituals

Barrier Kult bookBarrier Kult, the horde of ritual barrier stabbers from British Columbia recently were documented in a book.  Anthony Tafuro, a photographer and skateboarder from New York travelled to Vancouver to document the Barrier Kult in this 200 plus page photo book of some of the most amazing and bizarre skateboarding to hit in the last decade.

Deer Man of Darm Woods Winslow Mutant Supremacy vegan metal skateboarding BA KU Barrier KultDeer Man of Dark Woods anonymous in his balaclava (with VSB friend Winslow of Mutant Supremacy) at the New York City release of the book is a proud Vegan. He’s donated the profits from his decks to animal and wilderness-rehabilitation centers for years.

Deer Man of Darm Woods Winslow Mutant Supremacy vegan metal skateboarding BA KU Barrier KultDeer Man’ along with fellow BA KU founder, Depth Leviathan Dweller; started a movement transforming a single obstacle skate element into a ceremonial altar.  The mix of satanic imagery, violent transitions, and brutal metal may just save skateboarding…

Buy the book from a local book store, like:  Quimby’s

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Dekline Wayland review by Chris Klich (@veganfixed)

Dekline Vegan Skateboard shoes The Dekline Wayland features an all vegan canvas upper, white foxing and single stitch around the detail for a nice clean look for a when not shredding on your sled. Metal eyelets hold the laces which are the perfect length with no extra lace to step on. This shoe is style and function all in one.dekline Wayland vegan skateboard shoesThe toe is a comforting snug fit for proper proper flick with out losing comfort of feeling confined. The single stitch helps keep the layers of canvas and padding intact as well as to firm up the toe’s all around feeling.Wayland Dekline Tumyeto vegan shoes

Skateboard shoes canvas vegan Dekline WaylandThe gum sole features the classic Dekline brick patterned with attached logo and brand name on the heel. The sole is a bit stiff at first but after a day of walking around they were perfect.dekline vegan shoes skateboard The heel and tongue of the Wayland are lightly padded and feature a logo embroidered tongue and faux leather accent on the rear for a touch of added style.vegan skate shoes Wayland Dekline vegetarian The license plates are imprinted with Dekline.vegan skate shoes dekline shoe-gooThe toe-zone held tough through various kick flip variations and stayed snug with enough room to feel comfortable. It took around six sessions to get a hole in the side to appear and with only minor scuffing visible prior. The metal eyelets posed a challenge with keeping the laces intact. Who hasn’t had to retire broken laces during a heated session? vegan shoes skateboard Dekline Around session three I noticed the heel felt lower. After inspection at the after-party for Chips and Guac, I came to find out that the letters of the brand name were coming off. This may be from heel drag while skating the rough streets of Portland. vegan skateboarding skate shoesThe heel of the Wayland held up to near daily shove the foot in the shoe and go. The heel cup holds the ankle in place just enough to feel secure without being restricted and allows for proper movement of the ankle with comfort.Wayland skateboard shoes vegan canvas vegetarain no animals cruelty-freeOverall the Wayland is an amazing shoe with lots of skate potential that keeps its structure and style cues to keep looking good while going for the post session burrito run.  I am a huge fan of the brick gum sole of the Wayland, the right amount of flex and grip with the rigidity to hold up under all conditions and sessions any skater might experience.


Thanks Chris for taking the Dekline Wayland for a spin! Dekline is a skateboard shoe company owned and operated by skaters and we are psyched to have them up on the blog for their first VSB skate review! Check out more of their shoes on the Dekline site, you’ll always find a few vegan colorways!  Thanks to Kevin Marks, Tyler at Dekline and the whole Tum-Yeto family!

Black/White colorway

TumYeto sizes 9.5,10,11,11.5,13 $50.00 (25% off through the 5th of July)

Zumiez sizes 8,10,10.5,11.5,12 $39.99

For our Italian friends you can get a synthetic-leather colorway, ships world wide but international shipping is a killer.

Six Street Shop (euro) sizes 38-47 €65

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Vegetable Shredder – Nigel Hendricks

Vegan Skateboarder Nigel Hendricks Texas PlantNAME: Nigel Hendricks

LOCATION: Austin, Texas

OCCUPATION: Screenprinting/ part time student

Where do you like skating? House park in downtown Austin or any other skatepark in the Austin area

Why did you go Veg? Animal rights is a major theme in a lot of punk music that I listen to, so once I read the lyrics from those songs I started questioning the ethics of consuming animal products. After that it didn’t take much more research to realize how horrible it is to support the exploitation of animals.

What is your favorite thing to skate and why? I like skating just about everything, but my absolute favorites are bowls with pool coping and curbs.

What shoe are you skating in now? Chuck Taylors because the sole lasts forever so all you need to do is shoe goo the side where it rips from ollies and they will last months. Not the most comfortable though. Hopefully I’ll get some Emericas next.

Or just say whatever you want about skating Veg… Why support torture for a product you don’t need?

Thanks for this excellent vegetable shredder and massive Texas-plant, Nigel! I’ve skated that quarter pipe, it’s in the middle of the woods and it’s SCARY!  If you’re veg and shred, send in a some photos and the answer to all these questions to fakie@veganskateblog.com  Don’t forget a mailing address so we can get you some rad stickers.

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Eat Like You Give a Damn

 coverEat Like You Give a Damn, the new cookbook from Herbivore Clothing proprietors Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten is due to drop in a few weeks. Without a doubt this is our most anticipated cookbook of 2015!  Michelle and Josh don’t only sell witty vegan-message t-shirts;  They also stock the most complete vegan book retail space one can find(they’re located in Portland’s all vegan-mini-mall for pete’s sake).  Eat Like You Give A Damn isn’t a vegan cookbook for fad dieters. As it proudly states on the cover, Recipes for the New Ethical Vegan. Mr. Fakie got to sample a few recipes that didn’t make the cut and he was blown away.  book.bannerYou can get on the pre-order discount price right now, or pay full price, get a bunch of extras, and Herbivore donates to four different farmed animal sanctuaries in the Portland area. (Out to Pasture, Green Acres, Wildwood and Lighthouse.)

Standard  $20.00 (just the book)

Deluxe $25.00 (stickers plus help a sanctuary)

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