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Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

Chances are you are not going to be in Park City, UT for the screening of Stacy Peralta’s new Documentary Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. So I tracked down the one trailer for the film that has been floating around the … Continue reading

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Macbeth Langley

Macbeth Langley for Spring has a Wu-Wear inspired color way. Best indi-Wu mashup since Wugazi. Alternatively if you’re from Pittsburgh, these can just be your game day shoes. (for those not from the ‘burgh, every sport’s team colors are black … Continue reading

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Herbivore Koala Ripper

Herbivore just posted this new hoodie and t-shirt to their site! Pretty sure after I told Michelle about the VSB at this years Vegan Mania, she thought, “How best to pander to (old) Vegan Skateboarders?”.  Well, mission accomplished. I just … Continue reading

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In solidarity with the virtual protest of SOPA/PIPA, I present Le Tigre’s “Get off The Internet.” A song I listen to skating, one that gets me amped, one to remember another world is out there. I wanted to blackout VSB, … Continue reading

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Fallen Coronado

The Fallen Coronado comes in a Vegan Black-Ops model, with some rasta laces if you’re on that sinsemilla tip, Jah. This is a boat-style shoe, though I’m still not sure what that really means in terms of skateboard shoes. Perhaps … Continue reading

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In Remembrance

“Free” is a word often used by the students and teachers of Skateistan; Kabul’s co-educational skateboard school. The interviews we read of skateboarders often comes back to “why we all skate” and describing a sense of freedom achieved from the … Continue reading

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Toy Machine Sock Monsters

The Toy Machine Sock Puppets er, Monsters are here. And seemingly they ate up the rest of the Turtle Boy and Monster sock supplies. Sure you could buy Sect Eye socks in pairs for $7. But you and me both … Continue reading

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iPath Aboot

Its Aboot time a proper vegan skateboard boot was posted. Winter is in full effect so the low top canvas shoes just will not do. Luckily iPath has your ankles covered. The upper is all Waxed Hemp canvas to keep … Continue reading

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Z-Flex Mr. Chipper Classic

With the “mini-wrongboard” craze sweeping the nation its no wonder there is new interest in skinny little Sims, G&S, even Logans.  Yesterdays movie Skater Dater probably got a few of you nostalgic for the skateboards of yesteryear.  No definable nose … Continue reading

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Skater Dater

The snow is falling pretty hard in Chicago. Perfect day to stay in and watch a movie. Skater Dater is one of the first skateboard films. Bare-feet, nosey neighbors, boob fountains, and the cautionary tale of loyalty. This may also … Continue reading

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