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The Vegan Zombie

The Vegan Zombie is a webisode cooking series. John is trying to survive a Zombie Apocalypse and is not about to give up his Vegan ethics. In order to do this he often finds himself in abandoned homes and using … Continue reading

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C1RCA Widow

C1RCA Widow is the perfect skate shoe to push those winter-blues into spring-greens. (See what I did there?) The upper is all Twill canvas with some nice tongue padding, but a slim profile around the collar. Despite the slim look … Continue reading

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Support Kellie & Victor!

Kellie and Victor VanOrden are a couple that where recently convicted for allegedly raiding a Fur Farm in Iowa. The two currently started serving their sentences. (Kellie 60 days, Victor 5 Years) Matt Guack ( who is currently working on … Continue reading

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Anti-Hero Tent City (2004)

This week Thrasher Magazine posted some exclusive photos from the Arizona Pipe’s circa 1977.  This got me thinking of Anti-Heros skate film, Tent City. A trip that would live in infamy after Cardiel had a near fatal accident after a … Continue reading

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Fallen Victory

Fallen Victory is Jamie Thomas’s slimmest silhouette pro-model (except for when he skates barefoot). This is the Vegan colorway from Spring 2012 and it is a looker.  All Canvas upper in Obsidian (thats purplish blue) with some red accents and … Continue reading

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Vegetable Shredder – Derek

NAME: Derek Belmont LOCATION: Portland, OR OCCUPATION: I work at a cooperative grocery store Where do you like skating? Ledges Why did you go Veg? Animal rights, health reasons, environmental reasons, general gross out factor of cow pus etc. What … Continue reading

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Thrasher – Maximum Rad

Thrasher Magazine marked 30 years of publication last April. To commemorate there was a special issues, bonus stickers, even a bunch of interviews on the Mag’s site. Now we have a pictorial history of the cover art and story’s to … Continue reading

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Supra Passion

Supra Passion is a new signature skate shoe from The Lizard King. Surpassingly the most stand out of all the colorways, which looks like a reminiscent of a Timberland boot, is Vegan. The upper is all twill canvas and corduroy … Continue reading

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Blockhead Laban Pheidias deck

This may be the first time you can buy a Laban Pheidias skate deck in at least a decade. This may also be the last, as the only retailer (online at least) only has two left. Laban is a very … Continue reading

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Emerica High Laced

Emerica High Laced is just like the low-profile team shoe but higher. Perfect for black as night vegan ninja skate sessions! (or other activities involving all black attire) The all canvas upper is a solid cloak of darkness including the … Continue reading

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