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Tashkeel – Arabic Art Ramp

Earlier this year, the Dubai art studio Tashkeel started a series of art installations and shows that culminated in the construction of a massive ramp. The word “art” in Arabic calligraphy was transformed into one of the most unique skate-able … Continue reading

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C1RCA Lamb

C1RCA Combat Lamb comes in a Vegan colorway.  The off-white (wind chime) may look soft and cuddly with its clean lines, but with serious skate features it will soon be ripped and stained with the crud of the earth (and … Continue reading

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Hot Damn & Hell Yeah / Dirty South Cookbook

In the dog days of summer, (especially the particularly hot and humid days,) southern style comfort food sure hits the spot.  Last night I busted out one of my all time favorite vegan cookbooks,  Hot Damn & Hell Yeah / … Continue reading

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Fallen Footwear Spring Wrap Up

Fallen has made a considerable amount of vegan skateboard shoes for the Spring 12 season.  Many of which are available and still kicking around. I can’t wait to see whats coming next and share it on the blog, but you … Continue reading

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Skateboard Tattoos’

Skateboard tattoos are often questionable. The randomness of a skate graphic is always forgivable because of temporary nature of the medium. Every now and then a more iconic character or logo appears and before you know it every skate rat … Continue reading

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Black Label Grim Ripper

If there is a Coffin shaped skateboard out there, you know Vegan Skate Blog will post it. Considering this gnarly death-mobile is coming from Black Label it is especially awesome. Grim Ripper is mirrored on the grip tape which is … Continue reading

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Emerica – End of Spring Season wrap-up

This past Spring season we saw a wide array of Vegan options from Emerica.  VSB did skate reviews of two out of seven Vegan models in the Gold Standard series; The Hsu 2 and G-Code.  Gold Standard is the pro … Continue reading

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Skate Island

If you ever wondered what aquatic centered skate spots Chicago has to offer other then the Sea Wall, look no further. Apparently with a little pop, the jetty is totally skate-able. I’m not calling anyone out, (for legal reasons) but I’m … Continue reading

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Henry Rollins: The One Decision that Changed My Life

Since Henry is talking about winning the lottery of life and this is a lucky Friday the 13th, I thought it appropriate.  Rollins talks about his experience from scooping ice cream to fronting one of the most influential punk bands … Continue reading

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Vans Chukka Low Cardiel Spitfire

Vans Chukka Low Cardiel Spitfire is a new summer color way. A collaboration with Vans and John Cardiel’s DLX sponsor Spitfire Wheels. This all vegan skate shoe has a hemp canvas upper with some true burner’ flare! The classic style of … Continue reading

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