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Alex Olson’s Vegan Curry

Alex Olson is vegan plant based for health and the animals. We couldn’t pass up a chance to post vegan cooking video from a member of Team Handsome!  After feasting your eyes on Alex (rrroaw) get the recipe on the … Continue reading

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Vegetable Shredder – Pinkviolence

Name: Pinkviolence. Location: Singapore, South East Asia. Occupation: asocial, nomadic outlaw skateboard activist / blogger. Where do you like skating? Anywhere within manmade architectural structures and anywhere that I am able to, in the streets on this blue globe. Why did you … Continue reading

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Etnies Marana

Etnies Marana is a solid modern skateboard shoe with one vegan colorway. It’s on sale right now, and this may be the last season it’s available in a non-leather or suede material. We reviewed the Marana a few years ago … Continue reading

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Andrew Cannon interview by Kevin Marks

  Andrew first came onto my radar in the year 2000 at Tampa AM. My first impression was that of a young, confident, jovial, and well rounded skater. We soon started flowing him Killing Machine hardware. And from there I … Continue reading

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Vegetable Shredder – Adam Connett

NAME: Adam Connett LOCATION: London, England. OCCUPATION: Video for an ad agency. Where do you like skating? Queens Road Peckham. Why did you go Vegan? Because hurting animals sucks. What is your favorite thing to skate and why? Curbs, ramps and pole … Continue reading

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Best Vegan Skateboard Shoes of 2016

In 2016 three stand out vegan skateboard shoes dropped. The éS Sesla, DC Evan Smith Hi, and Vans AV Rapidweld Pro Lite are all different in style. We reviewed all three and are happy to report all are excellent skateboard shoes! … Continue reading

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Vegetable Shredder – Michael Dean

NAME: Michael Dean LOCATION: Encinitas, CA OCCUPATION: Surfboard factory hand Where do you like skating? Poods Park in Enci, both in the park and the perfect red curb in the parking lot. Why did you go Veg? I went vegan solely to … Continue reading

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DC Evan Smith Hi

DC Evan Smith Hi debuted in January with some great vegan colorways, though some may have been a bit more colorful for your monochrome skate uniforms. Well you’re in luck Lil’ Dracula, this season features an all black model! If … Continue reading

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Once A Month Crew (older young man Portland skate club)

 Long time VSB contributor Sean “sleepinghouse” Conley is a working stiff.  Dom Parlavecchio rips for Troika Skateboards and somehow still works a real job like a grown-ass person.   Somehow they still make time in their busy lives to at least … Continue reading

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Look Back Library – BrotherBoarderPowerSlap Tour West Coast edition!

Kevin Mark’s Look Back Library Tour is back on the west coast and will be at Commonwealth Skatepark in Portland Oregon this Friday!  The tour features a bevy of out of print publications, notable covers, and a chance to see … Continue reading

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