Vegetable Shredders

As an homage to Urban Velo’sI Love Riding in the City” and to put a face with Veg Skaterboarders around the world, go ahead and copy/paste this into an email, and add a photo of yourself skating and/or eating a sandwich.




Where do you like skating?

Why did you go Veg?

What is your favorite thing to skate and why?

What shoe are you skating in now?

Or just say whatever you want about skating Veg…

email to

6 Responses to Vegetable Shredders

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    Here is another blog’s write up about it, but I was just droppin’ by to give you a heads up!

    Keep that shit (blog) tight!

    -Your Buddy Gabe

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  4. xleox says:

    hey! stoked on the blog. has helped me spend hard earned cash on decent vegan footwear a few times now. thanks!
    just mailing to say next time you head over to the UK give me a shout and sort you out with other vegan-tasitic hookups, terrain, DIY spots, hc/punk gigs etc. I’m kinda a veteran on the scene.
    in the meantime, keep up the good fight!


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