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Skate Tunes – Wugazi

Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by WUGAZI I could try and explain it, but here is what they have to say. Click play and read. “Wugazi is a labor of love by Cecil Otter & Swiss Andy. A year’s worth … Continue reading

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Dekline Santa Fe

Dekline Santa Fe. What a fitting name. I am trying to come up with several jokes about “riding the rails.” However comedy is not my forte, but you can imagine a few i’m sure.   So if you’re train hopping, … Continue reading

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100 Posts!

100 of anything is a milestone if there ever was one.  So far many a shoe has been posted,  A few Vegetable Shredders ( Vegan or Vegetarian Skateboarder) have been profiled. And some non-sense lazy day video posts. Good stuff … Continue reading

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Supra Wrap

Supra Wrap is a low profile silhouette skate shoe. A little change from the past weeks posts. This shoe is a vulcanized two piece canvas construction.  Thin collar, thin tongue and single layer of foxing tape.  Why do you just … Continue reading

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Female Empowerment with Skateboards!

I started school in August and have two classes on Social Justice.  I felt like Skateistan (a skateboard school in Afghanistan) would be a perfect NGO to discuss women’s rights in Afghanistan.   The first draft was really skate heavy, … Continue reading

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Osiris NYC 83 VLC

  Osiris NYC 83 VLC,  damn. I’m not even sure how to wrap my head around these.  For one, they are chunky up top, with Vulcanized soles.  But they also have slimmer toe caps that are ever so popular with … Continue reading

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Bobby vs. Edgar

why don’t you get pop’n over to The Berrics and check out Bobby Worrest killing it.  And while your hyped my skatin’ seitan worshipping friends, rest assured their is a Vegan éS for you. I just updated the post we did when … Continue reading

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Emerica Hsu

Emerica’s Hsu is indeed the Gold Standard of the current Vegan line up. Though in respect of the seasons, the grey canvas Hsu are from the spring line.  Today is the first day of fall.   I have a pair … Continue reading

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Have you seen him?

The Berrics has a great homage to the skate classic Search for Animal Chin.  Two words. POWER SLIDE! (no embedding for the Berrics, OT Level clear, so click on Xenu)  

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Update. Possibly Not Vegan! As Jojo noted in the comments, she received the shoes and saw the material was in fact listed as leather. I checked with zappos and was told that they are made of synthetic. No response from … Continue reading

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