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Danish Skateboard Culture

When you think of Skateboarding, you probably think California not Copenhagen.(and probably not Kabul either)  Denmark has a vibrant skateboarding history and community for quite sometime. They had their own Euro Bones Brigade, Rune Glifberg, and the CEO of BlackBox … Continue reading

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Supra Assault

Supra Assault is a chill out relaxing shoe. I think the term the kids are using these days is “chillax.”  Say that word with conviction the next time you’re trying to calm someone and see if they don’t assault your … Continue reading

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George Powell talks Bones

Old man Powell spins a tail about inventing the modern skateboard wheel.                      via (StreetCanoe)

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Etnies Fader Metal Mulisha

Etnies Fader Metal Mulisha may be styled and named for a Moto-Cross team, but we all know the history of the Fader as a solid Skateboard shoe.  Cup soles, All Synthetic Leather upper, and thick padding on the collar and … Continue reading

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DC Boost

The DC Boost doesn’t exactly look like a tradition skate shoe. The upper is mainly mesh, with some sort of synthetic material lining the toe, sides and heal. While the soles are made of DC’s uni-lite material, super light but … Continue reading

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Fur Free Friday 2011

Fur Free Friday/ Buy Nothing Day/ Occupy Everything! (I heard something about the day being really dark or whatever)  At any rate to sort of distance from the constant consumerism all around us, including this blog, I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Pumpkin S’mores Vegan Cheese Cake

I make this every year, super yum!  Photo dump with a loose recipe below. Big shout out to our good friends at Chicago Vegan Foods, Vegetable Shredder Elite! Melt bag of Chocolate Chips in a bowl, mix until totally melted … Continue reading

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Fallen Slash Black Ops

The Slash Black-Ops are Fallen’s newest all black Vegan skateboard shoe.  The burly all canvas upper is dark as night as are the Vulcanized soles, foxing and all! Perhaps a truly evil shoe the insoles are emblazoned with a pentagram … Continue reading

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Fur Free Friday Nov. 25th

This Friday the 25th will mark 25 years of Fur Free Friday in Chicago.  So get amp’d up on this video then come out and use your voice for the animals who can not speak for themselves! Date: Nov. 25, … Continue reading

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Its rainy and cold today in Chicago and its going to be a long winter. Last January I had about enough and decided to build a secret indoor mini ramp. I had been wanting to build one for sometime but … Continue reading

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