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Praxis Trojan

The Trojan is Praxis’s all vegan skateboard shoe made with a new kind of synthetic called Gorilla Gum. We haven’t seen anything like it before, and Praxis claims the material is 200x stronger then the animal versions of suede and … Continue reading

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Mercy For Animals Canada: Egg McMisery Investigation

A recent investigation of Canadian factory egg farms by Mercy For Animals Canada (Egg McMisery) recently made news.  Canadian TV W-5 ran an investigative piece with the footage provided by MFA.The Egg industry is by far one the cruelest in … Continue reading

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Steve Fauser

Steve Fauser is a hell of a skater and dedicated vegan. He’s also responsible for most of the Dandies Vegan Marshmallows you have ever consumed. After some of the comments from out last post, it seems fair to clear the … Continue reading

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Interview: Charlie Thomas

Do you mind being called Chuck? Not at all – A couple of people run with that one. What prompted the move to New Orleans? My position at World Industries was eliminated and I was laid off. My girlfriend and I are … Continue reading

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Habitat Guru Hi

Habitat Guru Hi is back in a vegan colorway. The shoe is in many ways a very basic thin canvas skateboard shoe. However the configuration of the flaps and lacing can change up the feel and style of how you … Continue reading

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“Sirens of the Lambs”

Banksy’s, “Siren of the Lambs” has been all over the news, but maybe you don’t read the LA Times.  Its a powerful piece of moving installation/performance art.  Banksy is supposedly English, though his identify isn’t publicly known, and I can’t … Continue reading

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First Look Skate Review: Servant Dagon

The Servant Dagon is an unbelievably awesome vegan skateboard shoe from Malmö Sweden!  Servant may be a newcomer, but is firmly rooting itself as a core skateboard shoe company. Founded by a couple of skaters who have worked for the … Continue reading

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Ban Pig Gestation Crates in New Jersey.

This one is for our pig friends in the Garden State!  Right now, HSUS is working of a campaign to ban pig gestation crates in New Jersey. The animal protection bill S.1921 was popular in the state legislator but Gov. … Continue reading

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Supra Stacks Pro+AM

Supra Stacks is Terry Kennedy’s signature low top skateboard shoe. This season its available in a grey print and turquoise  canvas upper. This Vegan colorways is part of the Pro+Am series, sort of like sponsorship+ for some amateur skaters coming … Continue reading

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Unlocking The Truth

Unlocking The Truth is a self described heavy metal band ( though I think they sound a little like mid 90’s hardcore) from Brooklyn NY. Notable maybe because of the age and the skill level of Malcolm and Jared (Alec … Continue reading

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