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Ice-T, Stacy Peralta, Glen Friedman @Sundance’12

Last week I posted the trailer for the upcoming Bones Brigade documentary, and mentioned Glen Friedman was moderating a conversation with Ice-T and Stacy Peralta. Here is a snippet. Spoiler, Ice-T sells hand grenades. Glen has another great video on … Continue reading

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Supra Vaider

Supra Vaider comes in a new Vegan colorway! The upper is made out of olive green rip-stop canvas. A ton of ankle support and protection with those high collars and tongue. The soles are vulcanized and black on the bottom … Continue reading

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Iron Column – “F’ Nike SB”

Iron Column Skateboards says, “F’ Nike” in style. I’m ending the week with this sweet T-shirt and putting a rest to the corporate skate hate. (At least until this post cycles through a few pages) This is really for any … Continue reading

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RAID interview, 20 years later.

Almost twenty some years ago Memphis hardline band RAID recorded Above the Law. Certainly one of the first bands to popularize Veganism and Environmentalism in the straight-edge scene; the re-release Hands Off The Animals was (posthumously) nicely positioned between All … Continue reading

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Fallen Victory

Fallen Victory are super low-profile silhouettes. Canvas upper with waxed canvas lace section. And check out that snazzy Cyan eyelet. The ankle collar is cut low with minimal padding, same goes for the faux-suede tongue. Vulcanized soles and decently padded … Continue reading

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Mark Gonzales Video Days

It’s been a while since we had some classic videos up here.  Blind’s Video Days is one of my first skate videos. It also had a long arching story for me. It belonged to this friend Scot actually. He heard … Continue reading

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Don’t Do It!

Don’t Do It is a slogan/campaign Consolidated Skateboards popularized more then a decade ago. In response to Nike’s attempted, failed, then re-launched entrance to the skateboard industry. Yesterday I posted some iPath Grasshoppers on the blog and referenced how long … Continue reading

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iPath Grasshopper

iPath Grasshopper has been a go to Vegan skateboard shoe for over a decade now. The vegan option is usually hemp canvas and in the last few years always sport the green, yellow, and red Rasta detailing. (Apparently all the … Continue reading

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Gremmie Cruisers

Gremmie Skateboards make mean little cruiser boards fashioned to the early days of skateboarding. When skateboards where still very much tied to surfer culture, and the DIY-spirit of making your own hacked deck was an extension of Hot-Rod culture. The … Continue reading

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Emerica Romero 2

Emerica’s Romero 2 is ready for some spring time shredding! This is the first I can remember Leo Romero having a Vegan skate shoe, about time Ed got to him. The upper is all canvas with a thin tongue and … Continue reading

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