Because We Must – Stop Smoking!

Because We Must org, Vegan Straight-Edge T-shirt

Looking for some new graphic T-shirts as the weather gets warmer? Why not represent The Vegan Straight-Edge with this shirt from Because We Must. ($15.99)

Because We Must, is a Animal Earth and Human Rights coalition that unifies the movements many of us feel affinity with. I’ve felt particularly close and a part of the Animal Rights movement. However despite my lack of direct involvement with Human Rights campaigns I recognize the shared values and direction of the social justice continuum.

The website is well designed, minimalist clean, but has a ton of information.

After you go but a T-shirt, which supports the site and their mission, check out some of the sponsored events.

Never Alone: National Long-Term Anarchist Prisoner Support Tour, April 2012 ( for example)  It will be in Chicago Wed. April 4th Centro Autonomo, 7pm 3460 W Lawrence Ave. (two blocks west of the Kimball Brown line stop.)

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