Conflict Gypsy – No Compromise 23-26

Conflict GypsyConflict Gypsy, run by our friend Josh Harper (also a Vegetable Shredder), is a clearing house for “Animal Liberation” publications. Digitized and uploaded to the web, these long out of print magazines and digests provide an introspective look for those of us who were there and a context of the history for newer activists.

Shac7ScarFaceNo Compromise was undoubtedly the most significant Animal Rights publication in its day. 2004 was an important year in the movement and the entire year of the magazine has just been uploaded . Many activists came under further scrutiny by federal investigators and others found themselves facing years of prison time for operating a website. This was also the beginning of and a significant blow against the Foie Gras industry. Go read some history and start looking ahead.

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