“Sirens of the Lambs”

Banksy’s, “Siren of the Lambs” has been all over the news, but maybe you don’t read the LA Times.  Its a powerful piece of moving installation/performance art.  Banksy is supposedly English, though his identify isn’t publicly known, and I can’t shake how much this makes me think of the live transport protests all over Britain in the early and mid 90’s .   It isn’t often that you see a live transport truck in an urban or densely populated suburb area and this is a far cry from what a real animal transport looks like, but its stark and haunting.  Next time on that cross country road trip take a closer look on the road. The tractor trailers moving hounders of lives across massive distances completely exposed to the elements. Not such a pleasant want to spend the last remaining moments of ones life.  For all the free-range, humane-meat advocates out there. The animals still travel to slaughter the same way (sometimes on the same truck) as the feed lot cows. Pretty sure they kill them the same way too…

Banksy’s, “Artist in Residence” series continues in New York City through the month of October. His website has some excellent audio guides to add some context.

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  1. I saw this last week. I love it. Banksy has been in the news a lot lately, after he sold his artwork on the street for $60 each.

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