The Outlaw Collective

Plank Eye Skate Shop posted this interview with “The Outlaw Collective” on their blog last year. The Outlaw Collective are creating and improving landscapes in and around Pittsburgh to skate. So many of these spots I’ve gotten a chance to ride and not even realized who installed them.  I don’t think that is terribly uncommon in the skateboard world, but someone is building. Maybe this can give us all a little more motivation to start making new spots for our community.

JH: How do you pick out the spots you build on?

OC: We look for places that are ignored, out of the way, abandoned, unique, interesting, or different. We’re always trying to do/find/build something new. We’re also interested in appropriating the unused to make spaces that are available to all. Though it’s not always possible, we like to make things that can be used by others: homeless people, neighborhood kids, street rats, graffiti writers, and anyone else who’s down. We’re always looking for ways to build communities outside of capitalism. ….(plankeye)

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  1. this is incredible.
    i have some friends that build makeshift ledges, and fix things around nashville but im super jealous of this.

    im going to repost this on my google+

  2. tOM says:

    I Never knew you posted this! THIS IS AMAZING!

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