Craig Freeman – Cartoon Nihilism

Craig Freeman

Craig Freeman’s newest show, Cartoon Nihilism is up at Gallery 707 in Pittsburgh now through February 17th. Cartoon Nihilism explores themes of depression, suicide and nihilism through the cartoon world.

I Wished for Things but Got Instead, an Anvil dropped Upon My Head

I Wished for Things but Got Instead, an Anvil dropped Upon My Head

By appropriating and recontextualizing cartoon imagery, what was once known as being innocent or humorous now becomes cynical and absurd. With large works of oil on canvas and small framed graphite drawings on antique paper from books and tablets, recognizable characters and illustrations are elevated from graphic imagery to a more conceptual realm without losing the nature of the image itself.


Craig grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania and lived the dream of every skateboarder; Dropping out of High School, making art and going on epic summer skate drips to Landsdowne. Craig graduated from California University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and now keeps a studio in the Bloomfield Neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

707 Gallery 707 Penn Ave, Downtown Pittsburgh 15222

Hours: Wed-Thur 11am-6pm Fri-Sat 11am-8pm Sun 11am-5pm Closed Mon and Tues

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  1. Justin Bowen says:

    Ill have to try and check that out, then go get spaks seitan wings!

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