Don Pendleton / Mark Penxa Painting

just got back from Pittsburgh tonight and found this waiting for me. Don Pendleton Mark Penxa THE WORST IS YET TO COMEThis painting is from “THE WORST IS YET TO COME” collaboration of skate artist legend Don Pendleton and Mark Penxa.  I found it at the excellent skate shop gallery, Orchard in Boston this past march.  I’ve been a huge fan on Don for at least 10 years and Alien Workshop since I was a junior skate rat.Don Pendleton and Mark Penxa

I was delighted to find an extra doodle on the back side when un-packing.  check out Don’s site Elephont and if you find yourself in Boston, take the T over to Orchard and then go get yourself a Vegan Pizza at Peace o’ Pie!  When I was there, they had a Mac ‘N Cheese Pizza with jalapeno peppers. F’ing AMAZING!!!



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  1. blütt says:

    rad! i’ve never seen that one, but penxa is an old friend. he (and don) does a ton of artwork for good causes/charity, really big on giving something back. solid dude.

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