Lamp – by Ed Templeton and Case Studyo

Lamp TempsterEd Templeton is getting into furniture light fixtures. Loyal Pawns with six figure incomes be on alert. Case Studyo is producing a limited run of 100 lamps. The piece is a wooden and silk screen box 20.5″ high and features two silhouetted women in a style that has been on Toy Machine decks and prominant in Templeton’s painting. This would make a great floor lamp at VSB HQ but the likely-hood of a rouge skateboard smashing it to pieces are quite high.  For €969(+€75 shipping to the US, $1412.00 in Dollars ) this lovely lady can be yours.

Case Studyo

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  1. That price is unfortunate. I would buy it if was $1,312 cheaper!

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