Matt Soria – repurposed skateboards

Matt Soria is an artist (and skateboarder) based in Chicago.  He works in illustration and photography as well as some mixed media instillation. Like any crafty soul he uses found and re-purposed materials. Here are a couple examples from his blog Poopsplat.

The skate-deck has become a canvas for many artists looking to merge the visual lexicon of urban skate culture and fine art. Matt has taken this in a direction that simultaneously heightens and destroys the cliché. A photo emulsion transfer encapsulates a moment on a train platform in permanence on a past due and very disposable piece of smashed skateboard.

Soria has taken the deck into a bit more of a utilitarian direction as well. Repurposing heavily warn decks for shelves.  I’ve seen several companies selling “L” brackets and brand name decks to accommodate a shelf. However anyone past 15 years old should recognize the irony in using an unused skateboard for something like a shelf.  When your board begins to give way and flex, or the tail has been ground to short to be useful I think this is a good alternative to focusing ones board.

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