Skateboard Tattoos’

Skateboard tattoos are often questionable. The randomness of a skate graphic is always forgivable because of temporary nature of the medium. Every now and then a more iconic character or logo appears and before you know it every skate rat is getting some permanent DFL branding going on. (For the record I have two AWESOME and very visable Alien Workshop tattoos.)

I dig the Mike Vallely sleeve pictured above. The story about the graphic is funny, and well told in the Documentary, “The Man Who Souled The World.”  Mike V at onetime was Vegan and way into animal rights. He wanted a graphic to portray factory farming.  The cartoonish lampooning seen above is what the art department made and sent to print.  Catch the sweet ALF on the barn.

Check out some of the other tattoos on Flickr.

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  1. jaybird says:

    thats rad, i got the same graphic about a year ago on he back of my thigh along with the jason lee dodo bird ..

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