Steve and Alex Olson skate painting.

A perfect video for the day. Father and Son skateboard duo, Steve and Alex Olson participated last year in the Venice Biennale with a skate focused live action painting. This was on the LAWeekly last year but I’m still hyped on it.

Among the skaters in my generation, many had no father figure or there was a very limited presents. My dad worked constantly and had no interest in anything I cared about. When he found out I started skateboarding he actively discouraged it. (thankfully I have a Metal-Mom) This became a strain in our already limited relationship as it was apparent that this was going to be my primary interest in life.

I think he has finally made piece with the “skateboarding nonsense.” I’ve accepted his reluctancy to understand it. We’ll see how he feels about it after I build a skate ramp on his property later this summer.    Happy Fathers Day, Dad.

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