Tashkeel – Arabic Art Ramp

Earlier this year, the Dubai art studio Tashkeel started a series of art installations and shows that culminated in the construction of a massive ramp. The word “art” in Arabic calligraphy was transformed into one of the most unique skate-able surfaces ever seen.  Some of the DLX family can be seen in the video shredding. And some of the most unique repurposed skateboards also appear in this show.

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  1. Spence says:

    I feel like a jerk but I question the motivations of projects like this and similar things in the region. I mean this video didn’t seem to interview any of the kids, if it’s really about expression and creativity why aren’t the kids doing the art? I mean the results are really cool, it’s great to see kids skating. But are skate companies just seeing the middle east as a potential growing market? But hey I have no idea what it’s like growing up in the middle east.

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