Broad Shoulders Brunch – Recovery

The Broad Shoulders Brunch was on sunday, and I finally recovered from the carb overload food coma that set in shortly after the day began. Vegan Donuts

Many Mr. Fakie Donuts where consumed. Pumpkin Spice Glaze. YUM. (who spells Donuts like that, seriously?)Waffle Taco

With all the Waffles, Fried Chik’n Seitan, various other toppings and sauces, there was only one option. Waffle Taco!

If you missed the brunch and feel guilty, which you should. Broad Shoulders is having a fundraising bake sale on Saturday the 19th from Noon-5 at Renegade Hand Made 1924 West Division.  I hear there are going to be iced-sticky buns. Just saying.




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