Kickstarter DUDS

Kickstarter is the latest way to get money for your good idea and turn it into a business or product. Want to make a cool experimental record, build a massive private skate ramp, or some single function piece of plastic to stick on your iPhone? This is the place. Most Kickstarter projects also offer amazing “premiums” as thank you gifts. Many times the premiums are the product its self.

We have posted and financially backed quite a few awesome Kickstarter projects. (“Push Tunisia“, “Skate or Die“, and “Slipping” to name a few.) Most of the rad ones are by skateboarders, film makers or community organizers that are taking an honest and genuine interest in the culture.

Then we have these A-holes. Not only are these people on the fringes of skateboarding (if they ever skated at all) they look at what we do as a rising trend or market to take advantage of with some slick new product or add on thats going to knock the whole industry on its ass.  Usually its some piece of plastic that just adds a crappy spin on an old tried and true invention.

The “Krainkn.” Hmm, I want to get better at being a skateboarder, why don’t i attach a couple of bungie cords to the nose and tail of my deck. Forget learning to ollie, just jump and pull junior.  This guy claims he did this to help his kid skate better. Get your kid a razor scooter dude. He will never learn to shred with a dad like you.

sBrake, (or as they keep saying Skate Brake) When I saw this one I honestly thought I was looking at a broken Z-Roller Truck. HAHAHAHA! Right!? This future engineer (like father like son) has an answer to the age old problem, “How do you stop a skateboard with no brake?”   Seriously kid, YOU DO NOT SKATE. You have never skated. You and Dad went down and bought this toy at Wal-Mart (check the plastic trucks) and started to fiddle.

You couldn’t even buy and destroy a real deck with a schticky and support the industry you want to co-opt?  I actually encourage a few of you to pledged a dollar or two just so you can post comments on Kickstarter and harass this spry young chap back to little league.  It’s worth a click through to watch this nerd and the crapy Youtube  footage they stole of speed-wobble crashes. This Kickstarter was born dead.  Adam, maybe you can invent something to improve the new extreme sport, Boogie-Blading.

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