Women’s Size Converter

Yesterday on twitter, @vegancollection tweeted, “If you’re a guy, and you’re #vegan, and you like shoes, you would be completely crazy not to follow @veganskateblog

This tweet reminded me that we believe at VSB that skateboarding is for everyone. And while women’s and men’s shoes are not sized exactly the same, skateboard shoes seem to be pretty well suited to a gender neutral foot shape.  So here is a shoe size converter I stole from Zappos. If you click on it you can get more info from their site.   The general rule for women. Take your size 8, subtract 2, and get the men’s 6.

Thanks again for The Vegan Collection for bringing this to mind. Go check out their faux-leather goods. They have some shoes you can wear next time you go to a wedding or funeral.

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