Adidas Adi-Ease Gonz

Ripped Laces blog did a very thorough review of the Adi-Ease Gonz. I’ve been trying to track down a Vegan Adidas skateboard shoe since I started doing this, but had not the best of luck. (possibly didn’t look very hard) Vegan Adidas Skateboard shoe

Check the full review over at Ripped Laces, and If you want to get a pair then a few limited sizes are on CCS.  Both Blue and Chalk!


Blue size 8-11 $44.99

Chalk size 9, 9.5 $44.99

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  1. Spence says:

    The grey/blue busentitz Adidas skate is vegan too. Have a pair myself and can confirm the ‘other materials’ tag inside. However they’re horribly uncomfortable and tight. Can’t recommend them. Has weird padding around the collar that doesn’t actually cup the ball of the heel.

  2. i just checked ccs, these are still in stock, only 8 and 8.5 in chalk, 11.5 and 13 in blue. bummer.

    i didnt realize the blue were vegan, it’s hard to tell between synthetic suede these days and i always assume it’s not synthetic.

  3. i found these online, but don’t know where you can buy them.

    they are slick though.

  4. Nate says:

    Cream = Sick

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