Best Vegan Skateboard Shoes of 2016

vegan skateboard shoes és dc vans

Left to right: éS Sesla, DC Evan Smith Hi, Vans AV Rapidweld Pro Lite

In 2016 three stand out vegan skateboard shoes dropped. The éS Sesla, DC Evan Smith Hi, and Vans AV Rapidweld Pro Lite are all different in style. We reviewed all three and are happy to report all are excellent skateboard shoes!

éS takes on a running style shoe. Vans sticks with a contemporary vulcanized skate platform, and DC has a classic ‘chuck taylor’ vibe. They’re all using different technical details on their soles, but what everyone is doing is adding a toe-cap.  All the rage the last couple years, toe-caps can be difficult to pull off and look good. The first colorways of the DC Evan Smith and Vans AV Rapidweld Pro Lite were high-contrast. (We reviewed both and got some comments.) New seasons brought some color changes and more earthy tones.

éS Sesla

és sesla vegan skateboard shoe synthetic suede

Current season colorway of the éS Sesla

éS is using a foam midsole and synthetic suede upper making them incredibly light and comfortable. The toe cap on the Sesla is a thin strip of “Thermothane.” It’s overlaid on the synthetic-suede toe cap. It doesn’t breakdown easily on grip-tape and is super flexible.  All colorways of the  Sesla are vegan, so no matter which colorway you dig, éS has you covered.   Priced at $90-100. If you need a pair of running shoes, these can be your ATV! (Our review here)

DC Evan Smith Hi

DC Evan Smith Hi Vegan skateboarder

DC Evan Smith Hi TX. Black on Black on Black!

The toe cap of the Evan Smith Hi are an extension of the foxing tape, so they are rubber similar to the soles. They just cover the tops of the toe and thats about it. The shoe is comfortable, but takes a day or two two break in. Not all models of the Evan Smith Hi are vegan. If you’re shopping online, especially from the DC site,  look for “TX” (for textile) at the end of the shoe name.  Priced at $70 dollars, the super comfy soles will outlast the canvas. If you don’t mind adding a little shoe-goo, these are great. Plus, Evan Smith is Vegan! (Our review here)

Vans AV Rapidweld Pro Lite

Vans AV Rapidweld Pro Lite Vegan synthetic upper classic waffle sole vegan shoe

Vans AV Rapidweld Pro Lite

This shoe was a HUGE surprise! The upper material is a fine mesh with a rubber like synthetic coating. It is deceptively lightweight but tough as nails. The insoles and sock liner make the AV Rapidweld Pro Lite comfortable for all day wear. The toe cap on this past seasons colorway is covered with the same synthetic coating on the rest of the shoe. (Not the case the first season) This makes the shoe look more consistent and stylish.  Note that the there are TWO different versions of the AV Rapidweld; Pro and Pro Lite.  The Pro is not vegan, the Pro Lite is Vegan.  Priced at $90, which might seem like a lot, but these shoes are going to last you twice as long as a typical suede skate shoe. (Our review here)

Servant Dagon

Servant Dagon vegan suede skateboard shoe

Servant Dagon 2014 colorway.

The Dagon gets an honorable mention. No new colorways or model in 2016, however the Dagon is one of our favorite vegan skate shoes of all time. This deep blue is a nice switch up in colorway. Also available in Red and Black. Hope to see some new stuff from Servant real soon.  Priced at $75 and longer lasting then animal suede, these are a great option.

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