Lets talk chunky toe caps. Lets talk C1RCA CX205. Lets talk Synthetic.


Maybe because I loved to ollie big sets growing up, I had an affinity for the chunky technical skate shoe?  Perhaps that in the 90’s every other pair was a chunky skate shoe? (If only I could find a picture of my old Airwalk Bowling shoes with their HUGE rubber caps.)

Imperial Blue and White

Its not the 90’s anymore, but no one told C1RCA.  We’re nearly in the 2000 aught Teens and this cupsole is available in a number of colorways, all Synthetic. In fact that seems to be the most consistent thing I’ve found on all the shoe shopping sites. 100% Synthetic Upper.

Black and Pewter

Another little fact that C1RCA is pushing: put away your shoe goo kid, the CX205 has an invisible rubber ollie underlay.  Probably why the shoe weighs a bit more then average, but it builds muscle.


After you find your favorite color  (its Purple Plaid if you wear size 5, tiny foot.) Go ahead and snag a pair.  On C1RCA’s site the widest available sizes are Black Denim, or Purple Plaid. Tomacco if you rock 9,11,13 or 14. And if you’re a Johnny Sasquatch Imperial Blue or Pewter it be.



Also I found a few deals out there. If I haven’t bought these Red/White Size 10s first, then maybe you will. 39.95 Not bad.

6pm has some itty-bitty Pewter and Denim for Johnny’s little fur-ball sized bro under 35 dollars. (unable to verify veganity of the white model)


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