DC Boost

Vegan DC skate shoesThe DC Boost doesn’t exactly look like a tradition skate shoe. The upper is mainly mesh, with some sort of synthetic material lining the toe, sides and heal. While the soles are made of DC’s uni-lite material, super light but able to absorb some impact, and grippy in the right spots.

I realize I may get some shit for posting this, but it’s been awhile since we posted a DC shoe and the Vegan options from this company are not what they used to be. Back in the day, I used to skate some Marc Ecko shoes that where very similar to these. There are damn close to the most comfortable shoes I have ever skated and wore just fine.


Grey/Yellow size 5-13(no 10s) 59.99

Black sizes 5-7.5, 9-11, 13 75.00

Black/Dark Grey 5-13 $75.00

DC has all of the above colors, plus Camo, Red and Blue sizes 5-13 for $75.00

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2 Responses to DC Boost

  1. Spence says:

    Similar to a Puma lift kinda. Wouldn’t skate these, the mid sole would shred quickly.
    Still a fairly cool shoe.

  2. Chris says:

    I bought the black/orange/camouflage DC Boost variant based on Mr. Fakie’s write-up.
    These shoes are comfy as fuck and are light on my feet. Not only do I stand for long periods of time at work without my feet or back hurting, but after an eight hour shift, I may walk up to two miles after work to get to public transit. I can only imagine these to be an excellent skate shoe.

    Definitely recommended! A+++

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