DC Bridge TX

DC Bridge TX vegan Skateboard ShoeThe DC Bridge TX has updated coloways and some classics for a total of 7 vegan skateboard shoe options and  all canvas upper. The deconstructed light weight look is a departure from the puffy cup soles. Instead we have a clean solid toe piece with minimal padding.

DC Vegan Skateboard Shoe Bridge TXThe vulcanized soles feature an inverted “pill-pattern.” This will give you some extra wear time compared to the usual pattern as it will take longer for the soles to wear flat. Looks waffely.

Still waiting for DC to make the Bridge with a SN (synthetic) instead of a TX (textile)? Lets hear it in the comments!

DC sizes 6-14 in 7 colorways $55.00


Red/Aqua size 6-14 $55.00

Grey/Heather sizes 6-13 (no8) $55.00

Chambray sizes 8,9,10,11-14 $55.00

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