DC Pure TX

DC Vegan Skateboard shoesDC Pure TX is all Vegan in this Zumiez exclusive Red & Black colorway! The all heavy duty canvas upper has triple reinforced stitching in the toes and multiple lacing hole options around the ollie area give you some protection for the laces. Just like classic technical skateboard shoes DC is known for, the Pure has some nice padding in the collar and tongue, though maybe toned down a notch. Vulcanized soles for good board feel.

Vegan Skateboard shoes from DCSome of my readers may be a little bummed on a Zumiez exclusive post. I do try and support the local skateshops when ever possible. However this is just one of several exclusive Vegan skate shoes they offer so I’m giving some props.

Zumiez size 7-14 $64.95

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5 Responses to DC Pure TX

  1. Alps says:

    Very nice. But where can I buy a pair from – preferably in the UK?

    • Mr Fakie says:

      Zumiez ships to the UK, since it is an exclusive colorway and only available online, thats your best bet.

      • Alps says:

        Mr Fakie, thank you very much.

        As you were replying to me I was on their website 🙂 Some very nice vege trainers on there.

        I just hope the delivery charge isn’t too much… and when they do arrive a) they fit b) they look good on me.

  2. Alps says:

    Gutted! I went to order the grey version of the Zumiez but the shipping charge to the UK is almost the same as the price for the shoes.

    I just cannot justify spending that much on shipping alone… and then I’ll have to pay customs and tax duty once the shoes arrive in the UK. “So, in total approx $150!

  3. Paige says:

    Good thing I don’t live in the UK..

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