DC Teak SN

DC Vegan Skate shoes

Teak SN is the vegan bone DC is throwing us this season. The upper is all synthetic nubuck on a slimmed down construction. No tech stuff here. Decent ankle padding, however the tongue is a bit thin considering the company. But if your’e into that sort of thing, sweet. Vulcanized Pill pattern on the soles are grippy and bendy.

Vegan DC skateboard shoes

This is another one of those moccasin-style toes. So you could probably get away with wearing them at your rich uncles Yacht Party.

Support my local shop, Uprise! Hop on the Blue Line and go get a pair(they also do web orders). If they run out or you wear 14s, DC has em direct.

Uprise size 6-13 $60.00

DC size 6-14 $60.00

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