DuFFS The Tierra

The Tierra is BMXer, Kevin Porters Signature shoe.  (BMX, what the F?)Vegan Kevin Porter skate shoe

This is a Skate blog, predominantly dealing with shoes that are Vegan. No doubt that BMX and skateboarding share similar footwear. DuFFS, which has been around for sometime straddle the lines of skate and bmx. They also have some quality footwear. Tierra Red Vegan Skate shoe

This synthetic suede Vulc shoe has all the making of a skateboarders sneaker.  Since this model is from a season past, the sizes are a bit sparse, but the deals are easily had. Kevin Porter, being a Vegan and a Chicago local gets the exception for the blog. Tierra Black Vegan Skate Shoe

Available in Red or Black.

Albe’s has them in Red, Size 9-13 for 54.95

6pm in black, Size 8.5, 9, and 11 42.00

Dan’s Comp in Red, Size 10.5-13 at 44.99

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  1. Matt Wes says:

    Didn’t Kevin own Delicious at one point? I met him I think a minute ago, nice dude by all accounts and they had issues of Thrasher there for me to read.

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