DVS Gavin CT

Vegan Canvas DVS skateboard shoe

The DVS Gavin CT is free of any reference to the big house.  I guess its got to much fluff for the average incarcerated individual.Vegan DVS Gavin CT in Black w/White

Padded tongue, collar, and a soft liner for your precious little tootsies.  Vulcanizes soles. Basic canvas construction with some simple stitching on the side.  The lacing has metal eyelets which is a plus.Black Vegan DVS Gavin CT skateboard shoe

Three out of the 5 colorways makes sure that your outrage for injustice doesn’t end where your need for a skate shoe begins.  And yes, they come in all black too!

Zappos has sizes 5-14 (half sizes galore!) for 52.00

Grey                                                                                                                                                        Black w/White                                                                                                                                      METAL (read all black)





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