DVS Ragtop

Vegan Ragtop from DVS

The DVS Ragtop is a slim slip-on with laces, perfect for the barefoot skaters who need to let the calluses heal for a day. Not much to them at all. Thin Canvas upper and Vulc soles. The tongues have an elastic band so they will hold your feet in tight with or without laces. DVS even advertises them as Vegan. How about that?

DVS vegan skateboard shoes
Two colors to choose from if your’e getting them from the skateboard super-store. And based on the price, that seems to be the best option. If you where a smaller size then go zappos, avoid anything but black. Zappos’ has two other colorways that are not vegan.
CCS size 8-12 $44.99



Zappos 5.5, 6, 7, 7.5 (a few other random sizes) $55.00


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