Element Churchill

Vegan Skateboard shoes from Element

The Churchill from skateboarding super company Element.  Synthetic nubuck upper in BLACK!  Lets get real, if you skate you probably worship some dark arts shit anyhow.  If you come to the graveyard séance in some bright colored white shoes, then your hesh cabal of vegan baby eaters will probably bury you alive.Vegan Skateboard shoes from Element

So save yourself the trouble and get these classic skate shoes.  Cup sole, big puffy tongue (doesn’t Big Puffy sound better then P Diddy?) and a cut out collar so your heals stay snug but ankle has some room to breath.   These are a nice alternative to DC Courts (which used to be easy to find synthetic, but DC doesn’t care about Vegans)

I couldn’t confirm the veganity of the Black/Silver so you may only want to represent the Black/Black/Synthetic.

Black/Black/Synthetic sizes  5-11.5 (no 8s) $54.95




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