Emerica G-Code!!!

Vegan G-Code!!! from Emerica Skateboard shoes

Emerica G-Code!!! in a Vegan colorway!!! This Black and Gold all Canvas model is a combination of streamline silhouette, puffy tech, and vulcanized look/cupsole support.  Since the toe cap is a solid piece with stitching way past the ollie hot spot, you get a ton more wear out of this shoe.  Plus metal eyelets mean smooth lace up, and less fatigue on the upper material if you wear them snug.

This is a favorite kick amongst many skaters. (just search G-Code on Twitter, so many hits) It has been too long and too many seasons without one of Emerica’s best skate shoes available for the Vegan crowd, so I suggest to stock up.

Emerica size 5-14 (no7,8.5) $70.00

Edited 3/23/12. The previous link went to the Grey Black colorway, which is not Vegan, despite what it says on Emericas website. The Black/Black, which is listed on the site as Suede/Canvas is in fact only Canvas.  Confused? Me too. The product # ending in 037 is NOT VEGAN, the product # ending in 003 IS VEGAN
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