Emerica Hsu 2

Vegan Skateboard Shoes from Emerica Hsu 2Emerica’s Hsu 2 (Fusion) debuted back in the Fall 2011 line. The vegan colorway was bone white Canvas, but it never made it to market due to production problems. Spring 2012 bring us the Hsu 2 with all Canvas upper in black. Vegan Skate Blog will also be doing an exclusive skate review of the Vegan Hsu 2 starting today with this first-look.

The updated version of the Hsu brings some improvements and a slightly different style.

Less layers and a smooth toe cap gives this all canvas mid-top a classic look (think ‘Chucks’) with out sacrificing padding and comfort. The sole is stiFUSION vulcanized technology. Where the foxing tape of the typical vulc would be, you have what appears to be a solid piece. In fact it is a several cold fused pieces, that makes what Emerica says is an “unbreakable bond.”

Emerica Hsu 2 Vegan CanvasAt first look the shoes upper and sole are more connected, almost like a cupsole. though the board feel is undeniably vulc.

Emerica Vegan Skateboard shoesAnother new element to the Hsu 2 is the tongue. The top seem line holds a nice amount of padding while the lower portion is thin.

Vegan Skateboard shoesElastic bands hold the tongue tightly in place. This is a significant improvement to past models. The collars stitching gives a cuffed look and is a bit stiff, but padded.

If you notice in my photos, the logo-ing and top eyelet are gold. (STAY GOLD!)  While I dig an all black sneaker, it adds some great contrast especially on the heal caps.

Vegan Skate shoes Emerica Hsu 2I laced the Hsu 2 up last night to do a fitting. You should always try on new shoes in the evening by the way. This is when your feet have better blood flow and are at their largest. I wear size 10 and they fit snuggly. I took the skateboard around the block a few times and they felt great. Right out of the box, ready to skate.

Emerica Hsu 2 in Canvas, VeganThis morning they feel a tiny bit roomier and still great on the board.

Updates to follow over the next few weeks after some serious shred time

For now if you want to pickup a pair, Emerica has them ready to roll.

Emerica size 5.5-14 $70.00

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