Emerica Toy Machine China Flats

Vegan shoes from a Vegan Pro Skateboarder. Toy Machine China Flats from Emerica with all your favorites,

Devil Man,

the Turtle Guy,

Purple thing,

some Black Eye.

For sometime I have been rocking some faux slip-on shoes (de-laced & shredded macbeth elliots) when ever i take my pups out for an evening wiz. Maybe I should rock a pair of these next time?

Canvas slip-ons aren’t what you plan to skate with at the park, but for basic transport and hanging out these are a nice addition to the shoe rack. Also I know a few of you wrongboarders are reading this, and would do just fine with a stylish flat.

Plus Skate Shop has them all for 38.95

Black in 5-11, but no 10s

Green 5-11

Purple 5-10

Red is slim pickins, 8.5-11

SPoT(Skate Park of Tampa) also has a nice supply of Red, Green, Black, and Purple for $41

…stay tuned to find out where Ed keeps his Vegan Nutella

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