Etnies Jefferson Second Look Review

Etnies Jefferson Vegan Skateboard ShoeThe Jefferson is one of Etnies newest models that was introduced for the Spring 2013 season. Its featured in both Etnies Vegan and Skate Collections. (Fitting for a review on VSB.) The Jefferson is low profile and slim, making it super comfortable to wear with full ankle exposure you get a real sense of freedom when moving around on the skateboard. The DTTF (Drop to the Floor) footbed makes for a great board feel and some nice impact protection too.Etnies Jefferson Vegan Skateboard ShoesAfter several weeks of skating the Jefferson, the bright greens have faded ever so slight and the ollie hole has peeped its ugly head.  However the comfort remains high on this slim cupsole and those toes have a good bit of life left in them.Etnies Jefferson Vegan Skateboard ShoesCloser inspection of the cap shows the reason for such a strong rounded toe. The Jefferson features a hard toe cap under the canvas. Not only is this hidden feature adding some skate life to the shoe, it also makes kickflips feel super smooth on the flick. Kiss those hot toes goodbye.Etnies Jefferson Vegan Skateboard ShoesThe cupsoles have no visible stitching around the toe. Its all just tucked down in there. You can see how the canvas over this area is woven into  the caps. While this area may wear pretty quickly, the caps themselves seem to be holding up well. This would also serve as an excellent surface for some shoegoo. Based off the comfort of the Jefferson, that would seem a pretty good route once the canvas has warn away. Etnies Jefferson Vegan Skateboard ShoesEtnies and Emerica seem to be using a new tread pattern on many of their shoes this season. In both the Jefferson and the Tempsters, small pyramid shapes have a larger open surface area then the past herringbone treads. From all accounts its still grippy and is holding up great. No flat spots yet!

The Jefferson has a great fit. The tongue and collar are padded so lightly that it feels like a slipper. Perhaps a turn off for some but it really does allow for a feeling of freedom. This is why so many skate shoes are going slim and Etnies has pulled it off well with the Jefferson.  What many of us would like to see is probably pretty obvious.  Synthetic-Nubuck or Synthetic-Suede on the toes at the very least would add even more skate life to a what is easily at the top of its category of slim skateshoes.  Lets do this Etnies!  While we wait, go check out a pair now…

Green sizes 5-14 (no 5.5) $64.99

Want to see the Etnies Jefferson fresh? Go check our First Look!

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