Etnies Lo-Cut II LS

Etnies Lo-Cut II Vegan Skateboard style shoesThe Lo-Cut II LS is one of Etnies “vintage” shoes and if you existed anywhere near skateboard culture in the 90’s you had a pair of Lo-Cuts. The originals were of course cupsoles as every skate shoe seemed to be back then, but the re-imagining of these classics come in the soul (get it?) of a running shoe. That being said, these may not be the ultimate skate shoe, though the nylon upper features a synthetic nubuck lace cage, heal and toe cap. If you do skate in these, it will not be the end of the world or shoe. It all sort of harkens back to the day when everyone had a skateboard and the shoes didn’t matter. Except these were skateboard shoes. It’s all very confusing alternate universe stuff…

Etnies size 7-13 $65.00

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  1. B.E. says:

    I wonder why they don’t just reissue the regular Lo-Cuts from back in the 90s, and offer a vegan (synthetic) version in a couple of different colorways. There’s too much cupsole hatred going around.

  2. thomas says:

    Seems like there was a trend of classic running shoe designs in the early-mid 2000’s. The Vans XLT line all had the same deal going on too. The new low cut 2 looks like its been slimmed down some, the originals were super puffy

  3. Bender B. says:

    I have these and they are noticeably slimmer than the older late 1990s and early 2000s versions, but they still offer more padding than shoes like the Jameson 2 or the Rowley SPV. The super chunky shoes worked when baggy jeans were in fashion, but heavily padded shoes clash with the slimmer jeans that are in style now. That being said, I think most skate shoes now have too little padding and not enough reinforcement in the ollie area. I wish eS had continued to make technical shoes like the Sparta or Scheme, but slimmed them down a bit rather than try to compete in the vulcanized/canvas market.

    • Thomas says:

      I’ve noticed a steep decline in quality of vulcanized soles over the last 10 year, at least when it comes to Vans. I know they have more board feel, but I always preferred soles that would last and offer more support and protection.

  4. Nate Whitson says:

    Any idea if the grey color way is vegan on these puppies?

  5. Alps says:

    The green are also vegan. Just bought myself a pair.

    I think I now have more shoes than my wife!!! LOL!

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