Fallen Bomber

Fallen Vegan skateboard shoes

Fallen Bomber is a sturdy skate shoe and has a Vegan model from the Holiday 11 season. The upper is all canvas with some faux suede capping on the back collar. Vulcanized soles for great board feel plus the collar and tongue still have a nice amount of padding.

Fallen Vegan Skateboard shoes

Fallen always has a few Vegan colorways. Nice to see they have branched them out amongst different styles of shoes. Actually they have more then a few. If you skim through some of the pages here you can find quite a few Vegan Fallen models.

CCS size 7-12 $52.99

6pm size 5,6,13 $31.99


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2 Responses to Fallen Bomber

  1. Frank A says:

    Gotta say, I’ve had a hell of a time finding shoes over the last couple years. Then my buddy Matt directed me here, and all of a sudden I found three different pairs that all work for my wide cro-mag feet. This shit is an invaluable resource.



  2. Agreed frank.
    This site is amazing.

    It’s nice to see fallen putting out less bulky shoes.
    That’s honestly the only reason I havent bought a pair in the past.

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