Fallen Coronado

VEGAN SKATEBOARD SHOES FROM FALLENThe Fallen Coronado comes in a Vegan Black-Ops model, with some rasta laces if you’re on that sinsemilla tip, Jah. This is a boat-style shoe, though I’m still not sure what that really means in terms of skateboard shoes. Perhaps the low cut and plump ankle collar has something to do with it. Thankfully we have a nice solid toecap for smoother wear and tear. The sole inserts all have their respective styling. Lion of Judah, Malibu Sunset, or xLRG.Vegan skateboard shoes

Upper on the Black-Ops is a water-resistant canvas. Vulcanized BLACK soles and Black foxing. Switch out the rasta laces for black and you’re ready for night missions.

Also available in Grey Canvas and LRG Denim styles. I confirmed that the Fallen Logo on the tongue is synthetic suede with the BlackBox Distro rep. (Thanks Nick!)

Endless has all three Vegan colorways. I made a handy check-list. vegan checklist

Black Ops size 5-14 (no 11.5) 59.95

Grey/Malibu size 5-14 (no 10.5) $47.99

xLRG size 5-14 $47.99

Zumiez has two colorways and Free shipping for 9 more hours (if you are reading at 5pm Central on 1/17/12)

Black-Ops Size 7-13 $59.95

xLRG sizes 6,8,8.5,12 $49.99

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  1. justin bowen says:

    The name of this shoe is weird. Its the same name as the ALF member that was imprisoned in the 90s, Rod Coronado.

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