Fallen Coronado

Vegan Skateboard shoes by FallenThe Fallen Coronado has been featured here before as an exceptional “boat” shoe as well an excellent low cut skateboard shoe. This season we get two new vegan colorways, Hemp (shown above) and Obsidian/Grey. The classic black-ops/rasta is solidly in the no-animal camp and we’re linking to some older styles at a great price.

Fallen Coronado Vegan skateboard shoesThe Coronado as mentioned before is a “boat shoe.” In other words, it has a low loose cut with a very thinly padded straight-line collar. The tongue is also thin and has a faux suede logo attached. Vulcanized soles have a close board feel and extra deep treads make for longer wear.  A solid toe cap made of heavy-duty canvas has a clean look for all yacht parties you’ll sure to be crashing this summer.  Switch out the rasta laces and go stealth in true Fallen Black-Ops tradition.

Endless has all the sizes but is terrible for getting directly to the vegan models. Here is a handy pictogram to navigate.

Black-Ops/Rasta size 5-14 $59.95

Dark Grey/Malibu sizes 5-14 (no 9-10.5) $51.40

LRG/Denim sizes 5,6-7,12 $30.00

Hemp sizes 6.5-14 (no7.5) $59.95

Obsidian/Grey size 6.5-13 $59.95

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