Fallen Patriot II

Vegan Skate Shoe Patriot II

Fallen Patriot II (Black-Ops)                                                                                                    Fresh for the Fall 2011 line the Patriot II has a black synthetic nubuck upper, black cup sole, black laces, black… you get the idea. Medium padding on the collar and tongue. So not your typical bulky technical skate shoe, nor a paper thin slipper.  Perfect for the hesh skaters on night missions. Vegan Skate Shoes Fallen Patriot II

I was really psyched to get back an email from BlackBoxDistro on the listing of this seasons vegan models.  I’m told there will be some others in the mix for Holiday ’11.   Zero was a big influence for me, and the reset of black box is equally so.

Zappos has Sizes 5-14  for $60.00 (note:only the Black-Ops colorway is Vegan)



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