Fallen Rambler – Second Look

Vegan Rambler from Fallen Skateboard shoesWe started a skate review last month on the Fallen Rambler in the vegan synthetic suede and canvas black colorway.  The low-cut look and light weight make it seem like an average shoe for for chilling out and light skating. However after the first month it was was apparent the Rambler is a high performer. Long lasting and capable of protecting your feet while dropping hammers.

Fallen Rambler Vegan Skate Shoe

I don’t skate switch much, so a comparison of the outside of the toecap gives you an idea of the skate wear.  The rubber faux foxing tape has steadily warn away. At first it seemed to be peeling off in little rubber strings. It seemed a bit different from how other skate shoes may wear, but it seems to be holding up still the same. As noted in the first look review, this is a combination cupsole with vulcanized board feel.Rambler Vegan Skateboard shoe from Fallen

Another look at my forward right shoe gives decent look at the overall wear. The synthetic suede has held up great. Wish I could say the same about those laces. Those ripped to shreds with in three skate sessions. Admittedly I do have a shoe-tying problem and often leave them hanging. A second pair of white laces comes with the shoes, though I would prefer another pair of black.Rambler Fallen Vegan Skateboard Shoe

A close-up of that ollie area shows that most of the stitching lines have been hit and have frayed. The shoe still feels tight when laced up and doesn’t feel blown out. Only a tiny hole has started to open up which has moved past the first layer of synthetic suede.

Flipping the shoe over and checking out the tread is sort of anti-climatic if your looking for wear.  But check the comparison close. The first picture of clean soles shows deep treads.

Vegan Fallen Skateboard shoes, The Rambler

Fallen Rambler Soles before pre-skate

Now take a close look. Those treads are dirty as hell, but notice they have just begun to flatten. I’ve never had a tread last quite this long with a month of skating.

Fallen Vegan Skateboard shoes

Rambler tread after 1 month of skating

My preference for skateboard shoes has always leaned towards something puffy with lots of protection around the ankles. Something this shoe is missing. However everything else this shoe has makes up for it in spades. Light-weight, super-durable, and my heals don’t hurt after skating. I would gladly buy these shoes many times over. I would encourage anyone looking for Vegan skateboard shoes to get  pair of Ramblers. I would also encourage Fallen to keep them coming like this one.

Click over to see last months the Rambler pre-skate.

Special Thanks to Nick Pappas and BlackBoxDistro

Two spots to shop. Just hope you don’t need a size 7. (note about CCS material listing as suede. Checked with manufacture and the CCS listing is wrong.  The Black model shown above is Vegan.)

Utility Board Shop sizes 6-14 (no 7,8,10.5) $64.99

CCS size 8-13 $64.99

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  1. Alejandro says:

    great man I wanted to buy them but i didn´t know how those shoes are.
    Thanks for you review now i know how they are and i decided to buy then.
    though i know the bottom grip won’t last me a lot because I ´ve had a fallen slash and they weren´t very good i add they were terrible the vulc sole of they were terribly bad

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