Fallen Slash Black Ops

Vegan Black Skateboard Shoes from Fallen

The Slash Black-Ops are Fallen’s newest all black Vegan skateboard shoe.  The burly all canvas upper is dark as night as are the Vulcanized soles, foxing and all!Fallen Vegan Skateboard Shoe

Perhaps a truly evil shoe the insoles are emblazoned with a pentagram stylized Goat head stamped with the Fallen Logo! Also the thinly padded tongue has a little canvas Slash patch!Fallen Vegan Skateboard shoes

As today is Thanksgiving lets not forget the best use of all black clothing.  Turkeys and other Farmed Animals are awaiting Liberation. So before going out and buying some crazy vegan boots, think of how much faster you can run in these.

Tomorrow is Fur Free Friday! Find your local FFF march here.

Utility Board Shop sizes 5-14 (no 5.5) $54.99

Zappos sizes 5-14 (no 6) $65.00 SOLD OUT


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3 Responses to Fallen Slash Black Ops

  1. xjezedgex says:

    Lets also not forget the blood soaked atrocity that thanks giving is “celebrating”

  2. Mike Duthler says:

    Quick question: Would these ones be vegan? http://www.tactics.com/fallen/slash-skate-shoes/black-ops

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