Barrier Kult’s second shoe from Emerica was designed for ritual horde stabbing, or so you will see when you lace them up for the first time.

For those not familiar with the Barrier Kult, they practice the dark-art of making skateboarding evil by destroying traffic barriers.  Check the video.  Deer Man of The Dark Woods, BA.KU. most out spoken members is also a supporter of Animal Rights.

The upper is synthetic suede, canvas along the ankle, and BA. KU. patches displayed proudly on the back. A rubber patch in the ollie area helps life span. I’ve skated them nearly everyday since April, and so far mine are still hole-free.
The black sole is actually painted, so eventually wears white, but makes a gnarly fade look while you’re ripping. My pair came with an extra BA.KU. patch like the one on the back of each shoe, and a Dear Man of The Dark Woods back patch.

This hi-top is a special addition from the Emerica’s  2011 spring line.  However I have tracked down two online stores that have a good number of sizes in stock.  Get a pair before they disappear into the mist of the Dark Woods.


Identify Board Shop


Sorry dude, its SOLD OUT!




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  2. winslow says:

    i want dem shoez. hail satan.

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