Habitat Adder

Vegan Skateboard Shoe Adder

The third of Habitat’s Bio-Lumen Series, the Adder.

All Vegan! All Skate! Just like the Moray and Vireo it has “Vegan” printed on the insole.  The Adder is a Vulcanized sole, and the Bio-Lumen series all feature Hemp Canvas upper.  This one has a noticeably thinner collar but the tongue is still fully cushioned. Definitely the lowest profile in the All Vegan Bio-Lumen series. Vegan Skate Shoe Adder

Get them while they last. Technically they are from Habitat’s Spring 2011 Catalog!

SPoT has them for $59.00 support the Skate scene if you where size 8.5-11

6pm has a dearth of sizes, $45.50 if you wear 6-13 half sizes a plenty. (They list three colorways, ONLY the Black Bio Lumen is Vegan)



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