Habitat Guru Hi Review – Second Look

Habitat Guru Hi Vegan Skateboard shoeWe looked at the new Habitat Guru Hi about a month ago and started a skate test. Here are some results and photos of the wear and tear and some thoughts about the shoe. This is the first time Habitat has offered one of Guru Khalsa’s signature line in a Vegan material. The shoe is unique because is simultaneously has the fit of a slim skate shoe, but has the convertibility to go high-top. The side panels, that when folded down hide the padded collars, can flip up and laced to the bottom of the calf. It really gives that old-school chuck taylor look.Habitat Vegan Skateboard shoe Guru HiSo lets take a look at the wear. This photo was taken after three skate sessions of about 2 hours each. Honestly I was a little bummed out. However I have the expectation that all shoes will wear and unfortunately sometimes canvas can give in early. ‘Habitat Guru Hi Shoe Goo

Out comes the Shoe Goo!A small dab in each to fill in the beginning holes did the trick. Only the first green layer had worn out. another lining material still remained so I was able to get a nice base of Shoe Goo over the ollieLooks a bit gnarly, like an open wound. After a little some drying and another layer it was ready to shred again. Habitat Vegan Skateboard shoes This photo was taken today. After several weeks of skating with Shoe-Goo applied. The side paneling is starting to loose some stitching, which eventually is going to result in a blow out if I don’t goo it soon. However the toe and ollie area are still buried deep into the vulc sole.  Side by side, you can see a worn shoe vs the less worn back foot. (Mr. Fakie can’t skate switch) While the pebbled surface on the toe bumper has gone, there is still a good bit of layering to the foxing tape. Guru Hi Vegan Canvas Skateboard shoeThe soles are also impressively still treaded. One area where the Guru Hi is doing exceptionally well is the durability of the vulcanized gum sole. They have remained grippy and feel great walking and on the board. The flex is there, but my feet don’t ache after a long or particularly hard session.Habitat Guru Hi Vegan Skateboard shoe

The review is not done yet, but these shoes are great. Extremely comfortable to skate and offer great support and ankle protection. I also love the way the tongue can be used to lace the shoe. Despite the quickness of ollie area and toe wear, I would totally buy a pair of these. I would say that “gooing” the shoe early is a necessary step. I really enjoy skateboarding in them and so I felt for a complete review I had no choice but to break out Shoe Goo,  Its a bit like cheating when doing a shoe review. That bums me out. I would really like to see the front toe cap in a synthetic nubuck or synthetic leather.  That would surely make the Guru Hi a classic among the vegan skate community.

Habitat sizes 7-13 73.84 (Don’t forget, only the Forest Green are Vegan)


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  1. “mr fakie can’t skate switch.”
    these shoes are bad ass. i love the green.
    i’m glad the sole is holding out so well.
    i still have yet to get a pair of habitats but the expo will be my next pair for sure.

  2. sky says:

    Can you try out a review with “waxed canvas” shoes for us? I’ve never really seen how they wear before & I’d like to see it. More companies are using this material in their shoe lines I’ve noticed.

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