Lakai Manchester Select

Vegan Lakai White and Royal Blue

Lakai Manchester Select in White and Royal Blue.

I’ve mentioned before my feelings on white skate shoes. However I’ve wanted to post a vegan Lakai shoe since I started the blog. Lakai is probably the most visible of the “for skaters, by skaters” companies making shoes, but finding a Vegan model is hard with them. Many that have Canvas listed as the material also feature a chunk of suede.

Full Canvas construction with a Royal Blue Lakai swoosher, stiff upper collar for a snug fit and has a vulcanized sole with an interesting fiber weave thing going on as you can see below.

I found some sweet deals. so skip the high prices of CCS unless you have a gift certificate eating a whole in your pocket.

Zappos if you rock a size 5-14, 44.80 will set you up.

6pm for size 9-11.5 39.20  Why not save $5.60? That buys a lot of Tofu.

UPDATE All current colorways are NOT Vegan. WTF Lakai?


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  1. This sucks.
    The new Marc Johnson shoe is badass but we will never see vegan colorways. Come on lakai. Get with the program.

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